All About Manuela Escobar, Daughter of Pablo Escobar

Manuela Escobar is the only girl in the infamous days of old Colombian medication ruler and narco-fear monger Pablo Escobar frequently alluded to as ‘The King of Cocaine. She has already experienced experiences that one would probably only imagine in the most incredible dreams, making her life so far resemble an unquestionably thrilling narrative.

Her father adored her above all others. Pablo Escobar, who was regarded as the wealthiest criminal ever, would go to great lengths to grant his girl even the smallest desires. Additionally, it was said that he once spent $2 million trying to keep his tiny princess warm.

All About Manuela Escobar, Daughter of Pablo Escobar

Manuela, who at the time was considered by her father to be a pampered young woman, had all of the luxury in the world in her small hands. When she was only nine years of age when the Colombian National Police killed her dad her ideal presence reached a conclusion.

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Things changed once her father passed suddenly, and she fled Colombia with her mother and sister to avoid reactions. Before seeking refuge in Argentina, the three traveled to better locations such as Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, and Peru.

Life As A Princess

As the more youthful of their two kids, Manuela Escobar took birth on May 25, 1984, to Pablo Escobar and his sweetheart, Maria Victoria Henao. Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, the senior of her kin and a fruitful fashioner and craftsman, has likewise changed his name to Sebastián Marroquin.

Dissimilar to offspring of her age, Manuela had a fairly unique existence that saw her getting self-taught as opposed to going to a state-funded school. Such a step was taken to guarantee her well-being from her dad’s adversaries.

All About Manuela Escobar, Daughter of Pablo Escobar

A princess’s life was led by Manuela Escobar when her dad was alive. Pablo Escobar was a hovering father who might spoil his kids and in a real sense go to any length to complete their desires. When a unicorn was needed by her as a gist for her birthday. Albeit an unimaginable recommendation, the caring dad that Pablo was, he made a unicorn out of a pony for his girl.

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Manuela Escobar’s Life After Pablo Escobar’s Death

When Pablo Escobar was killed by the Colombian National Police in a gunfight on December 2, 1993, Manuela Escobar’s life took a new turn. In 1995, she and her family—including her mother, Maria Victoria Henao, now known as Mara Isabel Santos Caballero, and her brother, Juan—had to flee Colombia and all the riches it had to offer.

The family initially fled to Mozambique before moving on to Brazil in an effort to avoid the vengeance of her dad’s enemies. The family was exiled from Colombia and moved from one nation to another in search of sanctuary. They eventually landed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, after arriving there on tourist visas.

Where Could Manuela Escobar Now be?

There isn’t much information shared on Manuela Escobar’s present life because it seems that she has chosen to stay out of the public eye. Even so, her mother and sibling spoke to the media a few times in the years to come. Sebastián Marroquin, her brother, also published Pablo Escobar: My Father in 2014 in the name of Juan Pablo Escobar, although Manuela has been silent for a long time.

She is also not very energetic in terms of online entertainment, and by all accounts, she is pleased to live a quiet life with her new identity far from the gloomy echoes of her past.


Where Could Escobar’s Wife Now Be?

María Victoria Henao presently lives in a condo in Buenos Aires alongside her child and Pablo’s mom with another character of either María Isabel Santos Caballero or Victoria Eugenia Henao.

Who is Pablo Escobar’s Daughter?

Manuela Escobar


Manuela Escobar, who was only at the age of nine years when Pablo Escobar was lethally shot in 1993, is the main individual from her family who has never been accused of solitary wrongdoing. Nevertheless, despite having a perfect record, she has always struggled to escape the shadow cast by her father’s brutal acts. She finally faded from public view in the 1990s, and she hasn’t been seen in a long time.