Haywood Nelson- Net Worth, Professional Career, Personal Life

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About actor Haywood Nelson

On March 25, 1960, Haywood Nelson was born in the United States, where he rose to fame as a television actor. He appears in both the series of What’s Happening! as Dwayne Nelson. Haywood Nelson is an Aries, according to astrologers.

Haywood Nelson is a director and producer adding to being an actor. His most well-known role was that of Dwayne Nelson on the television shows What’s Happening! from 1976 to 1979 and What’s Happening Now! from 1985 to 1988.

Nelson, a child star who appeared in various television commercials in the movie Mixed Company, spent his early years in Garden City Park, Long Island, New York. From 1973 to 1974, he co-starred with Marlo Thomas in the Broadway production of Thieves. At the age of 14, he made his television debut as Grady’s grandson on Sanford and Son, and at the age of 15, he joined the cast of the spin-off series Grady.

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The show was only broadcast for a short while. He was chosen as Dwayne on What’s Happening! at the age of 16, the first African-American teen sitcom that would premiere the following year. On a well-known television program, Nelson evolved into African Americans among the first adolescent idols. In 1977, Nelson had a cameo on Kojak as Bobby Moore in “The Godson.

Haywood Nelson- Net Worth, Professional Career, Personal Life

Professional Career

Most people recognize him from his appearance as Dwayne Nelson on the television program What’s Happening.!! and it’s the spin-off series What’s Happening Now!!

  • Nelson had multiple commercial appearances during his youth, as well as in the movie Mixed Company. He shared the stage with Marlo Thomas in the Broadway production of Thieves from 1973 to 1974. The show was only broadcast for a short while.
  • When he turned 16 the next year, Dwayne on What’s Happening!!, the first African-American teen comedy, got his big break.
  • One of the earliest African American teen idols to appear on well-known television programs was Nelson. Even if his involvement in the entertainment sector has changed, it is still present.
  • Whether on radio or television, celebrity interviews have frequently been a part of his professional experience.

Haywood Nelson- Net Worth, Professional Career, Personal Life

Haywood was exposed to cameras at a young age through his frequent appearances in advertisements, which later inspired him to pursue acting as a vocation. He had his acting debut in the TV soap opera “As The World Turns” (1971–1974), and he broke through as the main actor in the 1974 film “Mixed Company,” starring Tom Bosley and Joseph Bologna.

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His appearance as Grady’s grandson Haywood Marsha in the 1975 episode of “Sanford and Son” and his portrayal as Haywood Marshall in his own spin-off series, “Grady,” both of which aired in 1975–1976, laid a solid foundation for his wealth.

Personal Life

60-year-old Haywood Nelson has been married three times. He is presently wed to Khnadya Skye, a doctoral candidate. They dated for a number of years before getting married in 2014. There haven’t been any speculations regarding the couple’s relationship since they’ve been together for six years.

He had already had two unhappy marriages. He wed Sheryl Piland for the first time in 1981, but the union ended in divorce three years later, in 1984. After that, in 1987, he wed Diana Ramos. Sadly, his second marriage did not last, and in 1998, after 12 decades of marriage, they got divorced.

Haywood Nelson’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nelson’s net worth has reportedly been estimated to be as high as $500 thousand. This sum was made possible by his profession in the entertainment sector, which he began in 1974.


Is Haywood Nelson Prince’s Half-brother?

A popular Internet joke that claimed Prince was linked to a different Haywood Nelson—the actor best remembered for playing Dwayne Nelson on the 1980s comedy “What’s Happening”—went viral shortly after Prince’s passing. By the way, this Haywood Nelson is still alive and has no connection to Prince.

What is Haywood Nelson Currently Up to?

He presently works for IEG Holding as a digital media executive.


Haywood Nelson has a net worth of $500,000. Haywood Nelson is an American actor. Haywood Nelson took birth in New York and had his acting debut on “As The World Turns” in the early 1970s. In addition to five seasons on the well-known soap opera, he has starred in several other television shows, including “Mixed Company,” “Kojak,” “Grady,” “Sanford and Son,”  and “The Brady Bunch Variety Hour” in recurrent, guest, and co-starring roles.