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Hogwarts Legacy may finally release on this date CONFIRMED for PlayStation, Xbox and PC


Hogwarts Legacy has been a long-awaited game. With a number of rumors suggesting its potential release date, it is only human to become entangled in those stories. Now, a new announcement regarding things closely associated with the game has hinted, indirectly, at a possible release date that may not be so imaginary after all. With the new information coming from the pockets of the publisher of the book, it is possible to give more weightage to this information rather than others.

On 4th February 2022, “The Rowling Library” reported that Insight Editions may end up releasing the companion art book to Hogwarts Legacy in September this year. The book, titled “The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy” is a companion piece to this new open-world action RPG game, embedded deep into the WIzard World. The book description hints nothing about the game, but it certainly opens up a world of possibility.

The book authored by Jody Revenson is due to come out on 6th September 2022. The date, yet to be confirmed by the official channels, is a great clue to when Hogwarts legacy would touch the fans’ screen. The description of the book barely mentioned the game, yet the connection between the two is impossible to miss.

Often, products closely associated with video games do not release until after the game is released. Sometimes they are released right alongside the game. Thus, in this case, chances are that “The Art and Making of Hogwarts Legacy” and “Hogwart Legacy” may come out on the same date, it being 6th September 2022. The chances of this happening are more probable since 6th September falls on a Tuesday. The trend in the video game industry shows that most video games come out on the second day of the week.

This rumor has been further solidified by the fact that earlier this year, Hogwarts Legacy was speculated to release in September. The month is the beginning of the School Year at Hogwarts. It is only wise to endeavor to complete this task in such an important month.

The game Hogwarts legacy was announced all the way back in September 2020 in the Sony State of Play. Hogwarts Legacy’s initial date was January 2021, but the development needed some more time. Thus, the game was pushed to 2022. Ever since then, people have mostly been tight-lipped about the development or the potential release date.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world Role Playing game that allows players to control the actions of their respective characters. The Players get to have an adventure of their own, immersing in a world known to them yet something absolutely new. WIth exciting beasts, character features, and magical subjects, Hogwarts Legacy takes the players in the 1800s to master Ancient Magic.

Neither the date nor this correlation has been confirmed by the Video game publisher, distributor, or even the official channels. Hogwarts Legacy, which is due to come on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms, has yet to get a concrete release date. Until WB Games gives any sort of green light or lets out any information in an official capacity, our guess is as good as the rumors so far.

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