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PlayStation and Discord integration has started to Roll Out, Everything to know


Last year, in May, Sony and Discord announced that they would bring the PlayStation and Discord experience together. Now, at the beginning of 2022, they are finally bringing this promise true. Sony and Discord have taken the first step to make this integration a truth. Gamers can now connect to the PlayStation Network on the Discord chat app, as announced on Monday, 31st January 2022.

The integration of accounts is still limited on both sites. There is not a lot that gamers can do right now or even access, but since this is just the beginning, these changes are bound to happen. For now, DIscord allows your friends to have a peek at what game you are playing on PlayStation. At the same time, the chat app also allows you to add your PSN ID to the profile, so adding people to the service becomes much easier. This feature is still under work, so fully integrating it might take a while. Nevertheless, there is work happening to ensure that the relationship between the two continues to grow. If you are a US player, the integration should be up.  Players in other countries may have to wait for another week.

In Discord, you can link the PSN by going into User Setting, and then into Connections. On the mobile, this will be possible from Profile to COnnections to Add. The PlayStation logo may be among the icons for “Connect Your Accounts”. Once the credentials are entered, the linking of accounts would be done.

This information is available on both DIscord and PlayStations’ sites. The integration is explained step by step for anyone hoping to hop onto the wagon.

Discord is also working on a feature that would allow users to switch between two accounts easily. The account switching is right now available to a select few on the desktop. For anyone using this feature, there is an FAQ to make the experience easier.

All the future features will roll out in phases. The availability in each region would depend on the companies. Currently, this integration is limited to the USA. According to the VGC, soon the features will be available in Europe as well. As for other countries, information is still shaky.

The main point of this partnership between Discord and Playstation is communication. However, neither company has rolled out any information about this. While people can see the activities on their friend accounts, the actual chat option is still under process. Similarly, the other features that could possibly make the gaming experience easier are still under development.  What this would mean for future communication is still on the table.

The communication aspect is yet to be developed and will hopefully be live sometime later this year.  Jim Ryan, the CEO, and president of Sony interactive entertainment told last year that both teams are working on making communication easier. This would be available on both console and mobile, with friends, and communities being able to hang out and play their favorite games together.

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