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Know about All the New Games that are now Available with XBOX Game Pass in February 2022


February 2022 is ready to bring a new batch of games to Xbox Games Pass. The new content dropping will be available on different mediums, from Xbox One to Xbox Series S. In fact, gamers can use PC and the Cloud to launch Game Pass! Here is a list of all games that gamers can expect in February.

Contrast: came out February 3rd on Cloud, Console, and PC, this game transports the players into a dreamy world of the 1920s. Explore the vaudevillian world with a troubled family and dark secrets. The players will be required to help a young girl named Didi and shift in with the shadows.

Dreamscaper: Out on Cloud, Console, and PC on 3rd February, Dreamscaper is a replayable action game. It allows the players to delve into the subconscious and face nightmares with a constantly changing world around them. In the day, the city of Redhaven allows the gamers to build relationships and unlock upgrades to ensure that when you take on the next dream, you are stronger and ready.

Telling Lies: Also coming out on 3rd February, Telling Lies is a thriller investigative game with non-linear storytelling. There are a number of recorded video conversations, all secrets, waiting to be unearthed.

Besiege, Game preview: This building game is all about making war machines and solving physics puzzles. A single-player game has four-distinct islands to lead the players through, with destructible levels waiting. All the players have to do is defeat their enemies through their intelligence and tactics.

CorssfireX: Available only on COnsole from 10th February, CrossfireX is a single-player campaign. The players take control of a Global RIsj unit and travel through the enemy territory to save their teammates and uncover all secrets of the Black List mercenary group.

Edge of Eternity: Created by JRPG lovers and available from 10th February on all devices, Edge of Eternity leads the players into a quest to find a cure for an all-consuming Corrosion. The players will follow Darion and Selene on their quest and deal with the fantastical world, with hope and sacrifice dancing on the edge.

Skul: the Hero Slayer: Also available from 10th February, this action, the rogue-lite game is interesting in its own right. The fast pace makes it exciting and players are actually encouraged to lose their heads! There are over 100 characters, each with its own special power. The battles await the players, ready to charge the life.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom: With Zombies and Monsters, is a semi-open world action RPG in the post-apocalyptic town of Wakefield. The players take on the lives of teen survivors, namely Jake, Quint, June, or Dirk, and get to explore the streets to stop Malondre from getting the STaff of Doom!

Ark Survival Evolved: Ultimate Survivors Edition: Available on February 14th on all devices, this Ark game allows you to voyage with all primeval creatures and explore lands beyond. From teaming up to fight in a tribal battle to having a dinosaur-filled adventure, this game has it all.

Infernax: This game is all about adventure. When a great knight returns to his home to find it plagued by unholy magic, they must embark on the quest to destroy the source. The quest is not easy either, filled with danger and peril. Infernax will be available on all mediums on 14th February. It would also be ready for anyone with Game Pass on day one.

There are also a few games that are due to leave Xbox Game Pass by 15th February. Here is the list:

  • Control
  • Code Vein
  • Final Fantasy XII- The Zodiac Age
  • The Medium
  • Project Winter
  • The Falconeer

While there are many more games to grace the player’s screen in the coming months, February for sure is going to be an exciting month. So strap on and get ready for an adventure-filled month.

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