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What is Play Station State of Play? Everything to Know


The Play Station State of Play for 2022 broadcast date has been released. With the information now in public, fans can start gearing up for an exciting release in 2022.

The State of Play is ready to happen this Wednesday, 2nd February at 10 PM at the UK time. This State of Play is going to be focusing on Gran Turismo 7 which is due for PS4 and PS5 on 4th March. The details of PS5 will also be made public. A 30-minute footage and gameplay details are possibly going to be public later this week. 

All of this can be seen live in Twitch or Youtube at these times:

  • 2 PM Pacific Time
  • 5 PM Eastern Time
  • 11 PM CET

There is no other information about what fans can expect in the State of Play. However, before dwelling deep into what can fans expect, let us have a look at what a State of Play is. 

The Sony State of Play is a digital event that occurs semi-regularly. The point of having a State of Play is to showcase all the news about the PlayStation. It also allows the platform to share all updates, announcements and reveals for the upcoming PS. 

The showcase started in 2019. The last State of Play recap happened on 27th October 2021, with reveals and first looks of many games that would be available on PS4 and PS5. 

There have been leaks about the same earlier this year. Tom Henderson, the famous video games industry leaker proposed that the State of Play game would be happening soon. He has also mentioned that PlayStation 5 will have an array of new games which would be showcased later on 2nd February to the media. He had been sure about a reveal of Gran Turismo 7, which has been proven to be true.

Other than the confirmed game, rumors and leaks suggest that Ghostwire Tokyo and Hogwarts Legacy could be a part of State of Play. This is also substantial based on the fact that Hogwarts Legacy was actually announced way back in 2020, but revealed no news for the past year. Since the game is expected to be launched this year, fans can expect at least a first view of the State of Play. 

Furthermore, fans can expect the first look or trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. Since the game is due to release on February 18th, the State of Play should reveal some details about it on 2nd February. God of War Ragnarok, unfortunately, is still to get a release date.

 However, State of Play is hardly said to have any information or details on Xbox Game Pass competitors. The PS5 is supposed to have backward compatibility and the rumors suggest a lot of friction. Rumors have it that a new subscription service will be announced shortly. However, whether it will be something introduced in State of Play is up to speculation.

The 2022’s first State of Play, so far, seems to only focus on the driving game Gran Turismo 7. Other than that, all fans can do is hope.

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