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Redesigned iMac Pro, New AirPods Pro, and More Launching in 2022 according to Mark Gurman


While it has been all but confirmed that Apple is coming in Fall 2022 with a number of products, there is a possibility of an event in Spring as well. Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s editor has outlined some of Apple’s plans that may come out in both of these periods. With a redesign of iMac Pro, an update in AirPods Pro, and other updates in the launch, this will be a rather busy year of Apple.

The report, which came out on Sunday outlined the various products which will be released this year. According to Gurman, the new iMac Pro will be bigger than the present model, possibly extending up to 27-inches instead of the present 24-inch screen. The brand that the model will use will possibly be the iMac Pro brand. The chips will be the successors of M1 Pro and M1 Max, with a better and faster working interface. The model will also have a similar design to the previous iMac but will see some innovations in its designs. 

This is not the first time that rumors surrounding the same have been coming out. Back in December, the iMac Pro was said to have a 27-inch display. The backlighting is supposed to be LED and support for almost 120 Hz ProMotion. Another earlier January claim was that the four M1 chip variants would be introduced in this new iMac. 

The second great update is said to come through AirPods. According to Gurman, the AirPods Pro will get a huge update. What the update is exactly is still up for speculation. Nonetheless, there is a possibility of redesigning that would either reduce the stem or get rid of it entirely. The new AirPods Pro may also include new features like auto-switching, Siri, case tracking, and even health sensors. Since Apple is already rumored to be working on health sensors on their Apple watches, perhaps it is not as much a stretch to think they will include it in their AirPods as well. 

The other launches are still shrouded in mystery. Before the big fall 2022 launch, there is a good possibility of a smaller Spring Event in either March or April. Here, rumors have it that the new iPhone SE with 5G could be launched. There is a possibility of an iPad Air update along with a new Apple Silicon Mac. However, the possibility of iPad pro being launched in the Spring event and next to none, since there are still updates that the company is working upon. 

What is known for sure is that 2022 will be the biggest year for Apple. As the company is gearing towards releasing its biggest array of hardware products, users can expect a better design, better chips, and a faster-working technology. From updated models with changes in iOS, like the new Face ID recognition with a mask on, to the new iPad pro with previously unseen features- all of it was possible. According to rumors, Apple may even dive into the gaming world. For any concrete confirmation, however, we will have to, unfortunately, wait until the release.

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