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Facebook and Google might soon get ordered to PAY TO ADVERTISE for fairer competition

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Advertising and stories may soon become expensive for big names like Google and Facebook in the UK. According to the new plans put forward by the UK government, the big companies may have to pay all kinds of media outlets to use their story or even advertise their wares.

The news, which has been broadcasted by Daily Mail, brings forth a new kind of work in the UK. Different platforms are being encouraged to make payment deals with newspapers and media outlets. In case the deal does not go through, a fair price can be agreed upon by an independent arbitrator. 

This new plan is based upon a system that has been working in Australia for a while. This work was introduced by UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries. This change came out amidst the concerns of some groups that believe that the tech companies are producing dominating the world of online advertisement, thus pushing back other businesses. Furthermore, some also hold a firm belief that Google’s algorithm has been tampered with. A new unit, known as the Digital Market unit or DMU will regulate the change and look to limit the powers that tech companies actually own. The DMU has been set up within the power of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, better known as CMA. By setting up the platform, CMA hopes to rein in the power that big tech companies hold over other platforms. 

DMU will be given powers that would allow them to have fair terms. By granting powers, they should be able to come to terms between the publishers and the platforms. In case a fair remuneration has not been paid, they will have the power to take action. In fact, the DMU has the power to find companies that give unfair treatment. 

Just in 2019, Google and Facebook managed to take about four-fifths of space in digital advertising, while other businesses were still struggling to get the word out. At the same time, google charges far more than Bing, which is the closest revival. 

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There is a firm belief that Google search engines and similar platforms are catering to left-wing news organizations. The algorithm, specifically, is believed to have been tampered with. The DMU hopes to look into these charges and discuss if indeed the news that is being easily delivered to people has been specifically catered to a single group.

The UK Department believes that this new regime is not about stopping any competition. In fact, by making big companies like Google and Facebook accountable, they hope to encourage competition and support the press in all ways. The point is to challenge the power imbalance that exists in the world of media and information right now. 

By looking into Facebook and Google’s algorithm, the publishers hope to gain better transparency about how the algorithm actually works. By enabling this, they would allow free market and opportunities for traffic and revenue, better control over what is being presented and how content is being presented. This would also allow for better access to data and how users are responding to the content that has been offered to them. 

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