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iOS 15.4 Beta 1 is finally testing UNLOCKING through Face Id wearing a face mask on iPhones


iPhone users, we have good news for you. Soon enough, you will be able to unlock your phone using your Face ID while wearing your masks. The new iOS 15.4 beta, which has been released to developers and public beta users comes equipped with this new feature. Here is how this new version is said to work.

As soon as the user will update their iPhone to iOS 15.4, a screen would appear, explaining the new feature. Users have the option to agree with it. The Face ID option is most secure with wi5 full-face recognition. This has been made possible by focusing on the region around the eye. By focusing on unique aspects around the eye, the Face ID with a mask feature can allow users to open their iPhones. 

As the Company has explained, the system TrueDepth looks for unique features around the eyes. This is a new innovation as previously when using TrueDepth with Apple Watch, the system would only look for masks. The system would register the mask and the fact that the user was wearing an Apple Watch, thus allowing the iPhone to be automatically unlocked. This feature came with its own security concerns, which have been addressed in the new iOS 15.4 beta update.

Another backlog that has been fixed via this feature is that now users can authenticate all third-party apps. From different bank apps, WhatsApp, and other apps using facial recognition, everything would be easily opened by using the Face ID option on the newly updated phone.

Apple has also extended this research for glass-wearers. The new Face ID on iOS 14.5 can recognize the pair of glasses users would usually wear. With this system, people can unlock their phones even with their glasses on along with masks.

Unfortunately, this system does not extend to sunglasses. Since authentication depends on recognizing the unique features around the eyes, it is only understandable that sunglasses are not included. Sunglasses are most likely to block the features that would be registered in the system.

There is, however, a few limitations. The new update is only available on iPhone 12 or newer models of the phone. The Company has not explained why iPhone X or 11 cannot use this feature. Even the 2018 iPad Pro or m1 iPad Pro are not compatible with this new update. The iOs 15.4 unlocking is limited to most of the newer models and device compatibility is still being worked upon. Apple has, however, not explained why this restriction is imposed upon older models. 

For now, while the new system update is available to beta users, people can choose to set up this feature later or register their face immediately. The pop-up will come with the extra option of “Add Glasses” for an easier user experience. 

It is completely sure when this new update will be made public. So far, Apple has taken around six weeks for every major update with iOS 15. Since Face ID is not the only feature in development, users can expect at least two months before this feature is available to all.

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