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The new OnePlus OS is apparently going to be called H2O OS; Everything to know


The new OnePlus, which is ready to be launched soon, will be coming with multiple changes. Launching as an independent company under OPPO, OnePlus will be working with a unified OS that is expected to be better and faster. Now, the new OnePlus OS, which is a combination of OxygenOS and ColorOS, could possibly be known by the name H2O OS. The new operating system will have the best of both OxygenOS and ColorOS, with the DNA of the OxygenOS and upgraded features that would make the OS a better one.

The new OS was supposed to have been released with the OnePlus 10 Pro. However, the release was delayed. Now, the new name indicates that OnePlus is surely ready to launch the new OS as soon as possible. Here is all that we do know about the OS design and the new phone.

OnePlus is working to be fully integrated with OPPO and work as an independent company. The Unified OS was supposed to launch with the OnePlus 10 series. The OnePlus 10 Pro which was released earlier this year, however, did not have the upgraded OS. Instead, it has ColorOS 12.1 based on Android 12. The unified OS is expected to launch with the global release of the OnePlus 10 Pro. 

According to the tipster Yogesh Brar, the unified OS will be ready to release in April 2022. It can be expected to see the new OS in the global release of the OnePlus 10 Pro. The finer details are still to be fined out and nothing can be said without any assurance from the Company. 

While the official site of OnePlus has no indication of what the new OS will be called, OnePlus has been reported to file a trademark for H2O OS. Thus, it is a great possibility that the new software skin would be called by this name. Since the names Hydrogen and Oxygen have been used, it seems only apt that the new OS will be called H2O OS. 

The Oxygen OS was a beloved OS by many fans, especially due to its sleek nature. However, OPPO’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Lau mentioned in his statement that the new model will probably be a loved version by the users. By merging the Oxygen OS and ColorOS, the company is hoping to make the unified operating system with the DNA of Oxygen OS but an added upgraded experience. Along with that, the company had also announced that they would be working on “localized” models for the world, with models made specifically for some regions. 

This change was announced early in 2021, but back then it was expected that OxygenOS would continue to be a global operating system. It is still unsure if the pre-existing OnePlus devices will have the upgraded unified OS or not. However, even if the decision is made, the upgraded version will possibly appear in only select OnePlus models.

Lau also confirmed that the bootloaders of the OnePlus phone will still be unlockable, thus keeping the important parts of the OxygenOS intact. This unified OS is also something specific to OnePlus- not branching out for OPPO phones.

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