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China’s Xilinx Deal is Officially happening with AMD as it wins the Conditional Approval


A new hurdle has been crossed in the tech world. Advanced Micro Devices Inc., more popularly known as AMD, has been cleared by Chinese regulators to now acquire the chipmaker Xilink Inc. for $35 Billion. The news was confirmed on Thursday by the filing done to ensure that the deal goes as planned.  

The Chinese Regulars approved of this deal after AMD allowed various conditions, including that the development methods that come out are compatible with Arm-based processors. China’s State Administration also ensured that the deal would only be approved if both companies ensure that they would not force tie-in sales or even discriminate against customers. The newly merged companies should have the flexibility and programmability that Xilinx FPGAs have previously demonstrated as well. Furthermore, the GPUs and FFPGA products that were cold to China must be interoperable with products that are available in the Chinese market.  AMD, which is at -3.94%, and Xilinx XLNK, +2.94%, has been seeing growth and fall ever since the merger was given a green light from China’s Market Regulators but is mostly on the rise.

AMD and Xilinx are working for this merger to give good competition to Intel COrp and to be able to produce data center chips in the market. The merger, which was announced back in October 2020, has finally come to completion. The merger has been on hold since then and in 2021, there were slight chances of the deal being shut in December but it continued to be pushed. Now, the deal is being finalized in the early quarter of 2022 with Chinese regulators giving it a green light. AMD is still hoping for a first-quarter close this year.

The previous notification was set to expire in January 2022, as AMD disclosed in its 8-K premerger. The waiting period according to the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act was also ready to explore on February 9th had either company received an earl termination or some additional information. 

Wells Fargo analyst, Aaron Rakers, commented that they are positive about AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx in a note to the purchasers. AMD hoped to achieve about $300 million in cost savings within only 18 months of closing the deal.

Analyst Rakers also commented that the deal has already gotten approval from the USA and European Union. As a result of this merger, the shares of AMD have been on a rise and so has Xilinx. 

Earlier in 2021, Applied Materials Inc or AMAT.O had to abandon its plan to acquire Japan’s Kokusai Electric Corp due to the lack of approval from China. Similarly, US-listed chipmaker, Magnachip Semiconductor Cori or MX.N had terminated its $1.4 billion plan from Chinese private equity firm Wise Road Capital in December. This was due to a lack of support from Washington’s Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. Therefore, for AMD to get the green light from all major countries and competitors in the chip regulating company is a great way to move forward and a further place for the free market. This merger could mean a new competitor in the tech market. With recent difficulties in the tech industry, the merger between AMD and Xilinx is great news.

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