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The Halo TV Series is CONFIRMED to be taking place in a different Timeline from the Game


The new Halo TV series which is set to hit the screens of many viewers in 2022 will produce something which is different from what fans expect. The series which will be coming out on Paramount+ will have a different canon timeline than the one that spans in the game. The studio head for transmedia 343 Industries, Kiki Wolfkill shared this in an interview which was later broadcasted on Twitter.

According to the interview, the timeline that will be followed in the TV series will be close to the games. However, they will differ at some important points. The timeline, being officially called the Halo Silver Timeline, is something that allows for the story of the TV series to develop independently. While some parts of the canon will be kept, there are ways to differentiate between the two. This way, both the game canon universe and the TV canon universe can exist simultaneously and grow as and when required. 

Halo might be venturing into the Television world for the first time, but the game is not any stranger to different mediums. Books, comics, and even an anime series spin-off have been an important part of the Halo Universe. However, unlike the present decision, all previous spin-offs followed the same timeline as the game. This led the Halo universe to expand greatly. This also means that the story in the video game continued to grow and the lore continued to develop in a single direction. Adding the Tv series into the mix would make the lore more complex and could end up destroying a bit of everything that has been developed so far. 

The decision to do this has been in rumors ever since 2019, therefore it is no great surprise. The Halo TV series, thus, is an exciting way to take this story forward. As clarified by the makers of the show, in the games the players played from Master Chief’s perspective. This allowed them to have a first-person point of view of the whole world. However, the TV series will share the story from the point of view of the viewer. Furthermore, it is still unclear if, despite this change in point-of-view, the viewer will be able to see Master Chief’s face. The creators are hoping for fans to see a new side of their beloved player. Therefore, a different timeline makes much more sense. 

This difference also means that even though fans may come face to face with characters and history that they think to know about, the outcome will be dependent on the creative decision of the creators and directors. 

Main Character Master Chief will be played by Pablo Schreiber. Other stars sure to have a notable role in the series are Nathasha McElhone, Bokeen Woodbine, Charlie Murphy, Shabana Azmi, Jen Taylor, and Kate Kennedy, to name a few. Taylor would be voicing the AI Cortana as she has in the games. The TV series is being developed by Steven Kane along with Kyle Killen.

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