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Elon Musk NEARING towards Human Trials for his Neuralink Brain Implant Chips


If Elon Musk has been anything close to your line of sight, there is no chance that you would have missed his mega project Neuralink. Well, to everyone waiting for an update on that miraculous piece of technology, here is one: Tesla has officially started hiring the director for clinical trials. This means Neuralink human trials are due to begin soon.

Neuralink is a device that allows for the mind or mental activity to be directly connected to tech devices. By hiring the clinical trial director, Tesla is moving towards making this dream a reality very soon. The director will have to work with some of the top doctors and engineers in their field, along with the participants to make this trial run a success.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk giving Neuralink demonstration

According to reports, the focus is on creating what could be known as a “brain-computer interface”. By using this, the company aims to allow people to transmit information from and to a computer device, all wirelessly.
Musk founded Neuralinj in 2016 and it was launched publicly in 2017, where this implant was demoed with the help of animals like pigs and monkeys.

One of the common running ideas that are associated with Neuralink, as expressed by Tesla owner Elon Musk himself, is that anybody having a chip would be able to stream music directly into their brain. On a serious note, Musk hopes that the implants would allow people with paralysis to walk. By using Neuralink, Musk hopes to help anyone with a spinal cord injury that limits their mobility. Once the FDA, i.e, The Food and Drug Administration approves of it, the chip would hopefully help people work through their disabilities.

Neuralink Chip Implant

Musk believes that with Neuralink, there is a chance that full-body functionality could be achieved. The works and tests that have been done on monkeys have been proved to be extremely successful. As of the most recent update, Neuralink has been tested on other animals and has proved to be safe and reliable. In case someone wants to back out, the Neuralink device can even be removed safely.

This device is said to be implanted with a skull and is able to charge wirelessly. Musk has encouraged people to think of the Neuralink chip as a piece of technology that can replace faulty neurons. Though the work has been successful on a monkey, it is important to check it out on humans and thus clinical trials are important to understand what could be the faults associated with this chip.

Despite the advert already out in California and work starting on the clinical human trials, it is not unwise to expect Neuralink, not before the end of 2023 at the very least. Musk had earlier predicted that the Neuralink would be ready to work and already in people’s skulls by 202. Clearly, that did not turn out to be very true. As Tesla is moving to build a team of some of the smartest individuals on the planet and start the trials, let us hope to see the wonders and shortcomings of Neuralink.

Neuralink implant process

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