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Apple’s iMac Pro RUMORED to have a More Powerful 12-Core chipset


Apple is gearing towards a very busy air, with a release due in Spring 2022 and another massive one in Fall 2022. While news of products that are due to come out in Fall 2022 are scarce, strong leaks are coming out about products due this Spring. To begin with, the iMac Pro design and chipset have been under great speculation. Well, as news has come out, the iMac Pro could have the all-powerful 12-core chip.

This piece of information was leaked by Dylandkt on Twitter, someone who has come out with many Apple leaks over the years. Most of their leaks have come out to be true and we have all reasons to believe this one will be as well. According to Dylandkt, the iMac Pro to be released this spring will have additional configuration surpassing M1 Max. The 12-core CPU configuration has been referenced in a snippet of code for the iMac.

Apple has slowly been moving from Intel processors to their own processors, the M1 being a good example. The MacBook series coming out in Fall 2022 is said to have an upgraded version of the same, known as M2. With the news of a 12-core processor, there is a good chance in the news surrounding the further release. So far, MacBook Pro has had a 10-core CPU with a 32-core GPU and 16-Core Neural Engine. If the 12-core chip is indeed being added, the iMac Pro’s performance, which has been one of the best in recent years, could skyrocket very easily.

There is, however, no further information on whether the GPU or the Neural ENgine would be improved. However, the fact that an advanced chip is being introduced automatically alludes to the fact that Apple is slowly upping its game and customers can expect some good performance.

Apple is all ready to release its products in Spring 2022. However, Dylandkt on Twitter speculated that there are some “concerns” regarding how the product is behaving. If iMac Pro is delayed, people can expect to see the iMac Pro in the Fall 2022 Apple Event.


The question of design has also been floating around. Many are wondering if iMac Pro would have a colorful palette and a slightly bigger screen like 24-inch iMac. In this department, Dylankdt believes that iMacPro is possibly going to be a more serious device, with a focus on the ‘Pro’ factor of the name and work with demanding users. The forthcoming 12-chip adds to this idea as well.

While the 12-core chip will be available, it is not quite for everyone. Thus, there would be an option to buy an iMac Pro with a lower configuration who do not quite want as fast a processor. In all probability, the 12-core chip will be the end of the spectrum of high-end processor desktops. It is no doubt more powerful than the M1 chip that Apple uses currently. However, we are yet unsure if the chip surpasses the M2 chip which is rumored to make an appearance sometime this year. With all the information, users are mostly hopeful to see the iMac Pro 27-inch and 12 processor launches as soon as possible.

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