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Apple about to launch more products than it has ever had before in 2022 Fall Event according to Mark Gurman


Apple has continued to rise through the plethora of problems and continue to upgrade its technology as and when required. With every new release, Apple promises to bring something new and exciting. It seems that 2022, especially the 2022 fall is not going to be an exception to that. If the report from the Power On newsletter is supposed to be believed, it might just be the largest array of launches ever. 

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has told that Apple is saving a number of its announcements for the fall of this year. From MacBooks to watches to iPhones- Apple has been holding on to all new updates for the fall of this year. WHile APple will have their Spring event, it would just be about iPhone SE 3 and a new iPad Air. Maybe a MacBook, but nothing more 

Here’s all that Apple might bring to the table in Fall 2022.


In June 2020, Apple put out the big news that they will be leaving the Intel Processors and moving on to their silicon. So far, the M-series has been worked upon. It is entirely possible that the Fall 2022 event would bring forth the new MacBook models, along with the macOS, which has features adjacent to machine learning or AI. According to Gruman, there could be two Mac mini with an M2 upgrade for the M1 version.

There is also a potential update in iMac, which may be known as iMac Pro. Along with that, there is a possible update of Mac Pro, MacBook Air, and a 13in MacBook Pro. 


According to the intel, the iPadOS will be updated in Autumn and so will the iPad Air. The chips need to be upgraded along with the FaceTime camera- so expecting that in Fall of 2022 is not that big of a catch. The iPad Pro would be coming out with an updated design and wireless charging support. There is also work going on for MagSafe support for iPads. 

Furthermore, the new iPad with 10.2 inches screen might have a possible release in the fall. However, there is a chance that this one would get extended to 2023. 


First and foremost, people can expect a brand new iOS in 2022 with the brand new iPhone. With new designs and new widgets, iOS 16 would possibly make an entrance. Other than that, the iPhone SE could come out with a 5G connection in Spring itself, though with further development it may be relaunched in Fall 2022. For all we know, there may be two iPhone SE. 

For the next one, there is a big chance that iPhone 14 may be unveiled in fall 2022. The iPhone mini might get stopped altogether, with iPhone 14 taking all the upgrades.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch 8 may get a launch in Fall 2022, with new health sensors. Along with blood sugar and temperature sensors, this could be a great upgrade for the watches.

FOr sure, the Apple Watch SE will be out in 2022, and there would be a boost from S5 to S6. Finally, Apple may be working on an Apple Watch specifically for athletes. 


The AirPods Pro may get an upgrade very soon, but instead of a Fall release, they just may get an out in Spring itself. However, there is a rumor that Apple is working on a HomePod with a screen, which would extend the audio into the visual. 

Other releases

While there is not a lot more to look out for, some rumors are going around. To begin with, the Apple TV might get evolution and an upgrade in the form of a Games COnsole. The date is still up for debate, but if all goes to plan we might get to see this in 2022.

Furthermore, Apple may release AR and VR, or mixed reality glasses by the end of this year. And finally, there are rumors that Apple may be working on that rumored Apple Car. Will it be released in 2022? Highly contested, but we can only wait and see.

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