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Fortnite: Chapter 3 To Have A New Island and Spider-Man as Spider-Man No Way Home Release Date Nears


Fortnite is, literally every teenager’s favorite game. It had gained instant hit ever since it was released. The game was founded on 21 July 2017, by Darren Sugg. It is an online video game and is developed by Epic Games.

It is made available in three distinct game mode versions but otherwise, it shares the same general gameplay and game engine. It is available on many platforms like PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, etc.

Its also known to have won many awards, namely, The Game Award for Best Ongoing Game, on 2018-2019, The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game, in 2018, BAFTA Games Award for Evolving Game, in 2019, and Teen Choice Award for Choice Video Game, on 2018.

It’s a combination of many genres like Battle royale game, Survival game, Third-person shooter, Sandbox, Action role-playing game, and Nonlinear gameplay.

Spider-Man and Fortnite’s mutual fans will surely enjoy Fortnite: Chapter 3, as this new chapter, involves the latest characters, locations, and many other different upgrades which will make everyone’s eyes truly pop!

You can find the teaser below:

This trailer not only includes spiderman but lots of famous characters too.

Later on, the official trailer got released too with a total rundown of all the new features and characters available.

Season 1 of this new chapter is called “Flipped,” and the most dramatic change is the shift to a fresh, snow-covered island, the one that features weather conditions, along with new locations like Sanctuary, which appears to play a large part in Fortnite lore, and the Daily Bugle.

Those who are lucky enough to get the battle pass can access special characters like spiderman, and The Foundation, voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The core gameplay is going to change a lot this time around as chapter 3 features two new mechanics, sliding and swinging which could make the experience even faster and more vertical, particularly for the high-level players.

And for those who spend time in the game’s creative mode, there’s now an extra option to earn battle pass XP in player-made experiences.

Sony explained more about the gameplay too:

“This new chapter brings camps, where players and their squad can heal and store items from match to match — bringing new persistent, social gameplay options to Fortnite. Plus, there are new weapons and items to help win a victory royale and earn the all-new, ultimate prestige — the Victory Crown. Keep winning to keep the crown.”

All these details were leaked last Saturday.

In the chapter 2 Finale, all the players saw the island flip over, globally.

After that, the game went down for hours as players stared at their characters adrift in a vast ocean. Once the downtime was over, players washed up on the shore of the new island before getting a pep talk from The Foundation.

Fortnite’s second chapter which launched in 2019 had a surprise black hole event and similarly led to an all-new island. It went on for eight whole seasons that included everything from an alien invasion to an Ariana Grande concert to a Marvel superhero takeover.

The game’s epic journey is just getting started.

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