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Everything to know about Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3, the first 5nm chipset for Windows-on-ARM laptops


Snapdragon is owned by Qualcomm and was founded in the year 2007.  It is a suite of systems on a semiconductor chip. They’re products for mobile devices designed and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

They were intended and designed accordingly, to be fast, intelligent, smooth, and secure with amazing graphics. They have processors with multi-core CPUs that have lots of amazing new features and also is equipped to support network connectivity with mind-blowing speed and also with great power efficiency.

Lots of mobile phones use Snapdragon, like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Razer, Asus, etc. For Android phones, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is considered one of the best processors. Snapdragon is reckoned to be a powerful and reliable chipset.

Qualcomm adopted Snapdragon to be the moniker for the mobile arm of its processors. Qualcomm does make other mobile chips, but when it comes to mobile phones, Snapdragon is, and maybe will be, the best.

Qualcomm itself often referred to Snapdragon as a mobile platform.

Now, a little briefing about Qualcomm: Qualcomm is an American Multinational Corporation. It was incorporated in Delaware and with its headquarters resides in San Diego, California. It was founded in July 1985, with its current CEO as Cristiano Amon. It has over 41,000 employees working, and with a revenue of 2,353 crores.

The company creates products and services related to wireless technology like semiconductors and software. The Vanguard Group Inc is known to be the highest stockholder in this corporation.

Lots of mobile phones use Qualcomm. It’s obvious why Qualcomm is the most trusted when it comes to mobile phone processors. Qualcomm is in heavy competition with Google, Apple, NXP Semiconductors, Ericsson, and Samsung.

Even in the recent graphics tests performed in 2019, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon came out to be the best.

Qualcomm started focusing on other platforms nowadays, by first starting with two new chipsets for Windows-on-ARM laptops- One for those devices that are affordable and still need 5G connectivity, and one for flagships.

Well, the all-new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 checks all those boxes. It’s the next best thing. Qualcomm keeps their hardware details a secret; very much like Dumbledore kept Snape being a good person as a secret until it was too late, so no one knows which CPU cores are being in use here. Guess, we have to wait more time to find out.

All everyone knows is that it is a 5mm chipset, which is the world’s first for windows devices ever. But the original 8cx and Gen 2 were 7mm long. So it can be said that Qualcomm really went out its way with this new Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3.

Qualcomm did reveal one thing though, it is that this new chip will offer a massive 85% increase in multi-core performance as well as a 60% increase in GPU performance, which is certainly a very big upgrade compared to the old version.

Qualcomm guarantees that it can be used in fanless designs as it uses up less power than compared to its old version.

There are also other hi-tech features like AI-accelerated echo cancellation and noise suppression which helps a lot!

This new development by Qualcomm will surely take us a huge step forward in the tech world.

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