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Tom Sandoval Upon Receiving News About Weird Relationship Of Lala Kent And Randall Emmett


Tom Sandoval alluded to Lala Kent and Randall Emmett‘s “strange” connection. In Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules, the 2 fellow actors compete against each other. Sandoval has positioned himself as the season’s antagonist. Lala, on the other hand, believes she is because her co-stars continually keep her out of things.

When Lala dragged up Scheana Shay‘s connection to Brock Davies, Sandoval flipped. She is very much worried about her pal. Brock seems to have a record of domestic violence and abuse, something he even admitted. Sandoval, on the other hand, wants Lala to stop interfering. He seems to understand everything there is about her “strange” connection with Randall but rarely speaks out.

The Give Them Lala author released photographs of what could be her wedding dress, TV Shows Ace stated. Lala Kent and Randall Emmett were set to marry in April 2020, however, their wedding was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The producer of Midnight in the Switchgrass desires a lavish Hollywood ceremony.

Lala acknowledged to Lisa Vanderpump as well as her spouse Ken Todd during the most recent installment of Pump Rules that she’d be OK with a simple outdoor wedding. Later, at a dinner gathering, she addressed Tom Sandoval regarding her relationship problems. When he stated nobody had brought those up, she was taken aback.

“Are you serious?” Lala Kent yelled. “I was dubbed a house-wrecking whore.”

Sandoval’s statements clearly irritated Lala. She also admitted to feeling excluded from the gang. Due to her association with the Hollywood filmmaker, the reality tv star believes she is held to a higher pedestal. Several fans believe Lala generally frowned on the actors due to her elevated connection.

Sandoval says he was furious once he found out people were calling her things. He also acknowledges that she is the one distancing herself. The two resolved to put their differences aside. Sandoval expresses empathy for her feelings, and Lala concedes, “We’re all going to do f***ing better.”

What Tom Sandoval stated was the most startling aspect of the show. The TomTom manager mentioned previously in the show that the group respects Lala Kent’s requests not to discuss her connection. He has, nevertheless, heard rumblings about that on social networks. He was irritated that Lala was interested in Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ connection. However, he claims that the cast is unable to discuss her “strange” connection with Randall.

Sandoval previously stated that he had “heard odd tales” regarding Lala and Randall’s connection. But he stayed true to his buddy and did not mention anything.

“You know, Lala’s gone after individuals throughout the past, then you’re not permitted to talk anything personal, related to her,” Tom Sandoval told Tom Schwartz, James Kennedy, and Brock Davies. “Of course, I’ve heard strange things about Randall. I’m not bringing them up.”

“Yeah, same here,” James interrupts Sandoval.

“I’ve gotten strange DMs regarding Lala and Randall’s connection,” Sandoval confessed. “But then when it concerns Lala, we’ve never even been permitted to know much beyond the surface level.” “I have no understanding of what occurs in that home.”

Sandoval ended up going on to label Lala “hypocritical” for her treatment of Scheana’s connection. Lala and Randall’s 3-year engagement came to an end. This occurred in the midst of reports about Randall’s alleged adultery. He’s also been dealing with monetary troubles as a result of the epidemic and his parenting agreement with his former wife, Ambyr Childers.

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