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Jake Gyllenhaal To Star As The Main Protagonist In “Road House” Reboot By MGM


According to a source close to the production, Jake Gyllenhaal is in discussions to appear in a remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze film “Road House” at MGM. Doug Liman has also expressed interest in directing the film.

The classic movie, helmed by Rowdy Herrington, starred Patrick Swayze as a bouncer. Despite receiving mixed reviews and very modest box office achievement, the picture has become a cult classic and served a significant role in sparking Swayze’s stardom. Swayze portraying Dalton in the original movie was a fierce bouncer with such a strange history who is recruited to wipe up one of mid-America’s craziest pubs and ended up bringing down some of the most crooked figures in the meantime.

“Road House” made more than $30 million at the domestic total and had a cult status owing to home movie and cable distribution. Road House undoubtedly contributed to the emerging Swayze’s popularity, with several late actor’s admirers considering Dalton to be among his greatest portrayals.

It’s unclear if this revival would be a simple replica or a contemporary spin on the content, but it is also unclear if Gyllenhaal will portray Dalton or a whole new character in that realm. Considering Liman’s past record of elevated excitement and adventure, as well as his inventive approach with complex and engaging tales, spectators can anticipate the original’s pleasure. In terms of Gyllenhaal, the character provides him with some other entertaining, bodily role to sink his teeth into it after having worked with filmmakers such as Michael Bay as well and Ritchie, who were both, like Liman, are famed for delivering the fireworks to their productions.

Gyllenhaal has lately made appearances in Antoine Fuqua’s Netflix film “The Guilty.” He’ll shortly be seen on Michael Bay’s “Ambulance” and Guy Ritchie’s “The Interpreter,” both of which will be released by STX. The very first video of Ambulance was shown at CinemaCon in August and delighted the viewers; the movie is set to release in 2022. Gyllenhaal has also just landed a role in “Prophet,” an action/comic fiction movie modeled on a comic book series created by “Deadpool” writer Rob Liefeld. “Prophet” will be directed by Sam Hargrave of “Extraction.” Aside from his impending work on The Interpreter, Gyllenhaal remains one of Hollywood’s busiest stars, beginning with his Netflix drama The Guilty. The movie premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, where Gyllenhaal received rave accolades for his portrayal. On October 1, the movie was released on Netflix.

Liman, the same as Gyllenhaal, sought methods to keep active throughout the epidemic, filming the heist film Locked Down, which has been influenced by the worldwide Covid-19 lockdowns. Liman is now working on an unnamed space film with Tom Cruise slated to star. The production would go down in history as the only narrative feature film shot in space. In a hefty transaction, Universal just acquired the project’s rights.

According to a statement in the worldwide newspaper Deadline, despite the fact that no agreements have really been inked with Gyllenhaal and Liman, the duo is in ongoing negotiations. If Gyllenhaal and Liman both agree, the Road House adaptation will become the star and filmmaker’s breakthrough partnership. Whereas no shooting start announcement has been made.

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