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Ken Jennings On Taking Over As The Guest-Host Of “Jeopardy,” 1 Year After Alex Trebek’s Demise


The Big Bang Theory star would continue to present selective episodes for the television program in the coming year, however, it has become time for Jeopardy! genius Ken Jennings to have his chance at the podium. As the hunt for a regular weekday host persists, Ken will be guiding Jeopardy! competitors through into the show from now till 2022.

Mayim Bialik presented the show’s very last edition the previous Friday, which announced Kate Kohn as the new Jeopardy! winner. On Twitter, it became evident that many people were disappointed about Mayim departing the television program for the moment. “Mayim Bialik, you’ve done an excellent job over the last seven weeks. I wish to see you around soon “One admirer tweeted about it.

In the event of one year memorial of the demise of the long-standing presenter of “Jeopardy” Alek Trebek, producer and previous champion Ken Jennings decided to come back to host the television show on Monday.

Jennings informed USA Today that he did not have an ounce of an idea about this, since producers previously declared in September that both he and actress Mayim Bialik would divide hosting responsibilities on “Jeopardy!” until the rest of the year and would air live on the anniversary of the popular television show host’s death.

“They didn’t want that in my thoughts,” he explained to the publication. “So I didn’t find out until later that this was the November 8 show.”

Alek Trebek passed away on November 8, 2020, following a diagnosis of fourth-stage pancreatic cancer.

In a video that is posted on the “Jeopardy!” social media profiles on Monday, Jennings stated that it’s been one year since Trebek’s passing away but, “I feel like he’s definitely in the building someplace.” It’s difficult not to speak about him in the current tense.”

He revealed that following the demise of the long-standing host, Trebek’s wife, Jean, sent him a set of cuff links Trebek had chosen to wear on the program. As per USA Today, he donned the cufflinks while taping the episode, which premiered on Monday.

“My Alex Trebek cuff links are now the only cuff links I have,” he explained on Monday. “They’re like a lucky charm for me here.” Jennings, who has the longest unbeaten winning streak on the program at 74 games, will host “Jeopardy!” for about the next 3 weeks, according to USA Today.

Several others, which include Trebek’s widowed wife, Jean Trebek, paid tribute to him on social networking sites on Monday. In honor of her deceased husband, she posted a clip of Alex Trebek made for The Compassion Project soon prior to his passing on Instagram. He asked people to be sympathetic with each other in the video.

Nicky Trebek, Alex Trebek’s daughter, also paid tribute to her dad in a social media message.


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Bialik memorialized Trebek through a vintage photograph in a post on Twitter.

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