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Jack Alcott Plays Harrison Morgan In Dexter New Blood; Everything To know About Him


Fans of the blockbuster Showtime exclusive crime series Dexter expressed their displeasure in 2013 with the finale episode, which saw Michael C. Hall‘s eponymous, heroic psychopath quit his dual life in Miami in an unidentified – and much colder – destination. These complaints seemed to have been heard, as a potential short series follow-up is set to debut on the 2021 fall TV season, aiming to provide a more fitting finish to America’s favorite serial killer’s saga. Sadly, few of the original Dexter cast members are recurring for the next season, although it’s sure that you will be seeing a few recognizable faces on the Dexter: New Blood cast.

There will be more than a family gathering in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’ Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s kid who was left behind after Season 1 ended, is played by Jack Alcott. Here’s all you need to know about the rising talent.

Jack Alcott is a pivotal character in the Dexter revival, Dexter: New Blood. He appears in the Dexter world as Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s abandoned son in the 2013 season finale.

Harrison is a fully-fledged youngster and is seeking his father. The father-son bond between Harrison and Dexter will be an important component of the series, and Jack’s performance will be one to watch. So, who exactly is Jack Alcott? Here’s what you should know.

Harrison Morgan was a toddler the final time when we saw him. He’s an adolescent now! Dexter abandoned him when he pretended to die. Harrison’s part has previously been performed by a variety of young performers, namely Jadon Wells and twins Luke and Evan Kruntchev. In the revived series, Jack will take up the position.

Both of Jack’s breakthrough shows were Showtime productions. He recently co-starred alongside Ethan Hawke in the short series The Good Lord Bird as Jason Brown. Before that, Jack acted in several short flicks and as a teenage Ressler in an installment of The Blacklist and in When The Streetlights Go On, a small Quibi series

When Dexter first debuted, Jack was quite little. “I’d never seen one episode of it,” Jack said to EW. “I had friends and relatives who adored it, but I had never seen an episode.” “I didn’t know much about it.”

Dexter and Harrison haven’t seen one other in a great many years before Dexter: New Blood begins. Harrison has just been “searching” for his father, according to Jack. “What I can tell is that Harrison has had such a difficult eight years.” It hasn’t been wonderful, to put it mildly. “He discovers that his father is not dead and sets out to find him,” Jack explained.

Jack attended the School of the Arts at the University of North Carolina. In 2019, he graduated from the acting program. He had earlier studied in Tennessee’s The Ensworth School.

In the September trailer, Dexter arrives home to discover a teenage guy standing in his room. It’s really a devastating sequence that was a lot of pleasure to film.” The trailer shows Dexter absolutely stunned by the sight of his son, who was left with Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) in the original series finale. Phillips said during the Television Critics Association press tour that Dexter now has some explaining to do with Harrison, who holds “great resentment” toward him for abandoning him.

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