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Travis Scott In Shock As 8 People Died In His Astroworld Concert Stampede


A mob crush on Friday night’s opening of rapper Travis Scott‘s Astroworld event in Texas killed at least 8 civilians and injured hundreds more.

At about 9:15 p.m., a vast amount of audience members at Houston’s NRG Park raced towards the stage, crushing those in front of it.

The Astroworld event reminded me of the December 1979 concert catastrophe in Cincinnati, when 11 people have died in a stampede to watch the Who at Riverfront Coliseum.

It also wasn’t the very first occasion Astroworld experienced issues with crowd management. Three individuals were hurt in a rush outside of the event in November 2019. As per local television sources, supporters began leaping over metal barricades and rushing toward the entry moments before the gates were set to open.

After being stomped, three people sustained minor foot injuries and were taken to surrounding hospitals, according to ABC station KTRK-TV.

“People started to fall out, get unconscious, and that generated extra fear,” said Houston Fire Chief Samuel Pea at a media briefing on Friday.

Officials now estimate that at least 23 individuals were brought to a hospital, along with a 10-year-old. A total of 11 persons were believed to be in cardiac arrest. A field hospital on the location treated an estimated 300 patients.

Social media was flooded with images of the commotion, which began at the admission gates and continued inside the musical venue.

Officials said doctors will establish the purpose of death for the eight individuals, who hadn’t been recognized since their families haven’t been notified. Those whose nearest and dearest had gone lost were sent to the nearby Wyndham Hotel.

“No one could have imagined this… It’s critical, in my opinion, that nobody ever suggests. “We don’t have any explanations today,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said. Officials have “heard rumors of people infusing others with narcotics” during the performance, he added.

Live Nation, the program’s producer, stated that investigators will be able to watch the show video. Travis Scott is cooperating with law officials, according to Finner.

“The show was interrupted while the audience was rising,” the chief said as the chaos ensued.

Early in the day, huge crowds were spotted smashing through barricades at access gates while bypassing body scanners and security personnel.

Astroworld premiered in 2018, however, it was discontinued in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. This year’s multi-day event generated an estimated 100,000 tickets.

Saturday’s show has been postponed.

Scott was seen stopping the display after noticing an ambulance in the gathering in video footage shared on social media. On November 6, pageant organizers issued a statement via the Astroworld Competition Twitter account.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Travis Scott, the festival’s founder, paused many times throughout his 75-minute set when he noticed fans in trouble at the very front of the platform. The rapper urged security to check on them and assist them to get out of the mob. According to the article, emergency vehicles with bright lights and sirens cut through the crowds multiple times.

Followers appear to be leaping on an emergency car in the audience as the concert proceeds on stage, according to a videotape from the concert. When it became clear that many people had been injured, the organizers called a halt to the celebration, but the sheer number of victims rapidly overwhelmed the current medical capabilities.

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