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Dwayne Johnson Pledges Not To Use Real Guns On Film Sets After Alec Baldwin “Rust” Incident


LOS ANGELES, California – After a tragic shooting in New Mexico, actor and wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said that his production business would no more employ actual guns on movie sets.

After such a fatal firing on the set of Alec Baldwin‘s film “Rust” killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and wounded director Joel Souza. Hollywood rules for gun and violent sequences are altering quickly.

 What actually happened?

The 2 were shot after an assistant director apparently mistakenly gave a loaded pistol to Baldwin and informed him it was okay to use. Baldwin allegedly triggered the gun while shooting a section in the Western, killing Hutchins and injuring Souza, who was positioned just behind her.

Attorneys for the armorer in the film “Rust” claimed that someone intentionally placed a live round from the set’s fake round stockpile in order to “sabotage” the set. There have been no charges filed in connection with the incident.

“The Rock” has starred in several shooting sequences in cinema and television, most recently in his new Netflix thriller, “Red Notice,” which just had its global premiere in Los Angeles.

Following walking the red carpet with co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot on Wednesday, Johnson said to Variety that he was completely broken and devastated by Hutchins’ death. He also revealed a new policy for “Seven Bucks,” his production firm.

What is the new policy introduced by Dwayne Johnson?

I can speak on behalf of seven bucks projects in the future, or any seven bucks project in television or film and say that we would never use actual guns again. We’ll use rubber guns and take care of them in the post-production, and we won’t worry about the dollars, numbers, or what the cost is because I believe we’ll do it correctly, and that’s what we’ll be doing for seven bucks. It’s given me a fresh lens and perspective on how we may work in the future. As terrible as this scenario is, we must utilize it as an example and in some way to be wiser, move ahead, and be safer and better.

The number of industry figures who are reconsidering their usage of weapons on the job is expanding. This week, Dwayne Johnson joined the ranks, pledging that his Seven Bucks production company will never longer utilize actual guns in its films. Legislation to make it mandatory lurks in California. Violette, a replicated handgun that does not utilize bullets, blanks, or false shots, has been in development by the Danish business for the past five years. Instead, it employs a propane-oxygen mixture to generate a brief explosion that mimics the muzzle flash and sound of a pistol.

Karpantschof appeared during a press conference sponsored by Bandar Albuliwi, a director and one of the driving forces behind the rising effort to ban the use of actual guns on set. On October 27, the very day Halyna Hutchins was murdered after Alec Baldwin shot a fake pistol shot on the set of ” Rust,” Albuliwi started a Change.org petition. The movement has developed since then.

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