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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Among Other, Loves Florence Pugh’s Super-Short Pixie-Mullet Haircut


One more day, one more significant celebrity hair makeover. We’ve only now just begun a new month, yet we’ve already seen Ariana Grande experiment with a blonde haircut, Rihanna sport a micro-fringe, and Anne Hathaway receives a short wavy bob. And that’s only on the first day. Florence Pugh right now has entered the hair change club, and her makeover is very likely the most spectacular among them all. Florence Pugh, 25, has debuted a new style as she bids farewell to her characteristic long, blonde hair. She recently chopped her head and showed a new hairstyle on Instagram. Her hair is shoulder-length in the rear and shorter at the front. Pugh’s dark hair and fresh haircut make her unrecognizable.

She cut off all her hair and shared a snapshot of her new amazing hairstyle, which looks like a combination of mullet and a pixie cut, on Instagram on Oct. 30. The Black Widow star is no stranger to radical hair changes – she recently colored her characteristic blond hair a dark-brown color — but this is by far her most dramatic alteration yet.


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Pugh’s pixie-mullet hair is lengthier in the behind with shorter, delicate strands in the front, but it doesn’t reach her shoulders. She didn’t credit the hairdresser, but she wrote “#chopchopchop” in the caption, which cast aside any speculations that the short haircut was all something of a Halloween costume.

It’s not only the haircut that’s unique. Florence Pugh’s California-blonde hair has been progressively growing out across the past several months, and now it has become a deep, chocolaty brown tone — very roughly comparable to Hailey Bieber, who just went dark with a cocoa-colored hair appearance. The new appearance was said to be for her new role as Allison in A Good Person (a drama picture helmed by her boyfriend, Scrubs alum Zach Braff), and it drew a rush of comments online.

The striking new appearance rapidly scooped over two million (and growing) likes. In addition, the post received a lot of positive feedback from other celebrities.

“I am crying stunning,” Ariana Grande commented, and Joey King commented, “I love it.”

“Absolutely,” remarked Hailee Steinfield. While Bella Thorne said, “Yeaaaas,” and Gemma Chan said, “Yessssss” But which of the comments was our favorite? “Love it Sistah!! Next cut you’ll look like me,” Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said.

Florence’s lover Zach Braff expressed his admiration for her new appearance by uploading photos of her on his Instagram Stories.

Cute! I mean, she looks just as stunning as she usually does…

If you’re curious what Pugh seemed like with long dark hair, she just uploaded a photo on the outside of a costume store with Marvel heroes Black Widow and Red Guardian in the display.

Pugh isn’t the only celebrity who has chopped their head this week. Anne Hathaway was pictured shooting her new movie, Armageddon Time, in New York City on October 27. The picture, which further includes Anthony Hopkins and Jeremy Strong from Succession, sees Hathaway rocking a little wavy bob, which is ideal for something like an ’80s coming-of-age drama. In fact, her bob edges on a pixie haircut, with the end of her hairstyle just skimming her neck. Her hairstyle is also fashioned in beautiful loose curls, giving it a daily relaxed aesthetic that appears to be simple.

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