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Shania Twain Talks About Criticisms She Faced Early In Her Career In Latest Interview


Few superstars have the ability to connect generations of music lovers like Shania Twain. She won us over in the 1990s with her explosive, trendsetting crossover songs, inspiring many new artists, and altering the sound of modern Nashville. She is sometimes referred to as the “queen of country-pop.” With explosive new music, Hollywood cameos, and renowned Las Vegas residencies, she’s continued to gain new fans. Every other week on Home Now Radio, she welcomes listeners into her soul musical universe by sharing her favorite vintage favorites, new discoveries, and unexpected sources of inspiration. She is also joined by select guests who see her songs as an essential part of their live soundscape.

Shania Twain has been singing since she was a baby. She didn’t become a worldwide star until the release of her 1997 album, Come On Over. Prior to that, she released her 1995 album, Woman in Me, which received acclaim—though not in the nicest sense. She now reflects on those early days and discusses the negative aspects of being a growing female country music star in the 1990s.

One look at Shania Twain’s Insta profile and you may believe she has everything together doesn’t have a concern in the entire world. You could even assume it came naturally to her. However, according to a new interview, fans can now get a personal peek at what it was like for her to become the worldwide acclaimed artist that she has become today.

“As an artist, I was criticized,” Twain said on an episode of Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits. “When I read them now, I’m astonished I ever got any hits.” So, for example, one of my evaluations stated, ‘She’s America’s best-paid lap dancer in Nashville.’ She’s gorgeous, but can she sing? Is Shania simply a passing fad? Nashville’s most famous midriff.’ So, sure, I ended up getting hits anyhow. It’s quite fulfilling. ‘Whose bed have your boots been under?’ is a 1995 release. And what I just said was based on the first track from the Woman In Me album. The song was written by me. And I was saddened, I believe, by the harsh criticisms who weren’t focused on the music.

Fortunately, Shania did not let her criticisms stop her from her ambition. She was only 29 years old when she released her debut album in 1995. Although that may not appear to be as young as the present TikTok singers are turning radio stars it’s essential to remember that it’s still a very impressionable age, and if it hadn’t been for Shania’s determination to overlook the critics and concentrate on the fan base lifting her up and applauding her vocals, we would not have been blessed with hits like “You’re Still The One” and “Man! “I Feel Like a Woman.”

“The fans just swept away all of that hurt and turned the song into one of my biggest songs,” she remarked. “Thank you very much, fans.”

Consider a world in which those classics do not exist. Isn’t it difficult? Fortunately, we don’t have to. Instead, we may look forward to Shania’s “Let’s Go!” Vegas Residency, which will actually happen at the Zappos Theater from December 2 to December 12, 2021, and February 11 to February 26, 2022.

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