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Alicia Keys teases the release of two versions of her new single “Best Of Me” on her Instagram


On Friday, Alicia Keys released her new track “Best of Me,” along with a music video. In the music video, Keys acknowledges her wonderful marriage with her husband Swizz Beatz by singing along to the song while dressed in a stunning white gown.

The singer-songwriter announced the news on Instagram, writing that the tune “continues to give me chills.” “Your Friday is about to get a whole lot better!! Go watch that Best Of Me video right now!! “She captioned a video excerpt. “This song continues to give me chills. So do you, @therealswizzz.” She continued, “Beautiful directing by @tttheartist!! Please let me know how much you enjoy it!! #KEYS IS ON THE WAY!! 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙.”


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Shortly after, Beatz, 43, said, “The fact that we shot this on our 11th anniversary is crazy.”

Keys also revealed earlier in the week that her second album, Keys, will be released on December 10th. The album will include new tracks by Keys as well as an unlocked version of each in which the singer sampled her songs with producer Mike Will, allowing fans to experience them in a new way. Earlier on Friday, Keys posted another piece of the video to Instagram, with the message, “We are now officially on our way to #KEYS!!! I can’t wait to show you what’s in the store!!!!” She also hinted at the release on social media early this week, stating that there are “two sides to every tale, and two sides to every song on Keys, so you get the mood with two sides of me.”

Apart from her musical endeavors, Keys this month debuted her YouTube Originals docuseries Noted: Alicia Keys The Untold Stories, in which she provides fans some behind-the-scenes glimpse into her personal affairs.

Alicia Keys Celebrates the 11th Wedding Anniversary with Swizz Beatz and says ‘It’s Only Getting Better’ Keys and Beatz, both from New York City, initially met when Keys was 14 and Beatz was 16. A common high school buddy introduced the two, but Keys was uninterested at the time, and she stayed so for years. But that began to shift when the pair were brought together for the first time for a music collaboration years later. The duo then turned their friendship into a relationship, with Beatz proposing in 2010 and the couple marrying in Corsica that same year. The couple currently has two children: boys Egypt, ten, and Genesis 6.

In a conversation with Kay Adams of People (The TV Show! ), Keys discussed her road to gaining self-confidence. “A lot of the time, we’re all looking for someone else to have all the answers. I certainly was, and once I understood that no one else had the answers but me, I was able to feel, you know, secure in myself “Keys said. Despite her accomplishments, Keys was open in the documentary series about feeling helpless at times over her career — and noted that while she has kept loyal to herself, she has learned a lot along the way. She stated, “I’m not trying to discount the fact that I’ve always been honest to myself. I’ve learned that I can be stronger for myself as I’ve learned more about it “

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