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Kayla Harrison Comment On Her AEW Experience; Said She Will Never Return To It


Kayla Harrison in a recent interview spoke out about professional wrestling and how it is all stupid for her to do. She talked about the experience working with All Elite Wrestling and how professional wrestling is stupid, that she ain’t coming back to this anymore. She commented on the whole situation and said that ‘she did it once, and done ‘. Kayla Harrison was also made an appearance alongside American Top Team as Dan Lambert brought in several MMA stars. But her experience over there as she concludes was picking up a little child in the park. She elaborates the whole thing as it’s fun deep inside because that is all easy but it’s all fake and she knows she can take real challenges and won’t do boring fake tasks.

After making her appearance on the AEW television once, she hasn’t been seen after that. And while talking to Jim Varsallone, as reported she didn’t like being there at all. Kayla Harrison went on and criticized professional wrestling in a huge way publicly. But she also revealed that she would love to do professional wrestling until unless people tell her whom to fight and how. As reported, Kayla spoke out that she works with real winners and losers who does real sport and not scripted show. She also said that nobody tells her whose ‘ass’ in her words she is going to kick and that Tony Khan should not tell what she should do and neither Dan Lambert should also take that chance.

Kayla Harrison also talked about Chris Jericho, from Dan Lambert’s group who are currently feuding with. She stated recently that she can chew him up before he makes his appearance in the All Elite Wrestling television show, she thinks of him as an old, washed-up, long-haired, snaggle-toothed person but also supports the fact that he did put out a great song. While the news of Kayla Harrison comes out as she hates professional wrestling in a particular fake way, another wrestler Junior Dos Santos is said to be falling in love with the game. Junio Dos Santos also revealed about his wants that he would love to put Jake Hager through the table once. And fans are eagerly waiting for this to happen when Junior Dos Santos takes one on one matches with Jake Hager in the future or soon enough.

Kayla Harrison also spoke out on the difference between mixed martial arts fans and pro-wrestling fans. As she’s making her wins in a second consecutive tournament and another $1 million prize. And right now the 31-years -old has only one focus to become the greatest female mixed martial artist of all time and she’s got the time and strength to achieve her path. The fans support her and we all as well, looking forward to her new achievements. Dan Lambert did comment on Kayla Harrison’s first appearance in professional wrestling telling her that she had fun and many people started to take about her future in wrestling already. But in the end, it’s her decision, which path she wanna take.

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