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The Mountain Goats song “No Children” went viral on TikTok; What made it so trending?


The Mountain Goats is an American band formed in Claremont that follows the genre of alternative/ indie. Well, all of a sudden the band went viral on TikTok and the song that made viral is ‘no children’ a divorce anthem, which is one of the dark-themed songs of the band between two fictional lovers. Weird and dark things go big on these platforms nowadays. And by weird, it means the band is likely the candidates of TikTok virals but anyhow people started to experience it which is great. The band was formed 30 years ago and basically recorded songs in DIY-styled boomboxes and has released almost 20 albums over the years.

In October the song got massively viral as an 18-year-old youngster posted his reaction to the lyrics on TikTok. The song has its own way of making the lyrics comically literal recreation.  There are as well self-deprecating jokes about a depressed kid listening to no children.  The band got its attention at the beginning of this year 2021 and in summer then went again viral in October. After it went viral, other fellow tiktokers started to do a dance routine performing the lyrics of the song and even with their pets. Longtime fans of the band ‘Mountain goats’ have also joined the chat of celebration and educating the new fans about the band or simply just living in the moment for rediscovering.

The rediscovery of the band’s song ‘no children’ made the single popular song on Spotify, with more than 27 million streams a day today. The mountain goats reposted some favorite fans’ videos in their official Instagram account on this occasion as well. If you haven’t heard the song, let me share the song here with you all. And also if you wanna surf around this old band then you should totally check their site and YouTube channel for new music tastes.

The rumor has spread and it might be true that The mountain goats are going to replace Ed Sheeran on SNL for the November episode. As reported, Ed Sheeran has been tested positive for covid-19 so he can’t perform anymore, and to replace him they need to find some other artist. The frontman of the Mountain Goats has made clear by tweeting that the gang is in NY and let that keep in mind as they are being loved by the TikTok dancing massive. So if there’s a chance for them then this could be the one but no confirmed details have been made for them to perform in the 47th season of Saturday Night Live but as Ed Sheeran gets well soon enough, The Mountain Goats could take his spot to share their songs in this generation as well. Who knows? let’s look forward to such a miracle in the coming holiday season. There are no details why the youngsters liking the depressing song so much but as they rediscover the band goes viral and everything seems great somehow. It’s not weird that people these days are discovering old songs often.

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