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Chris Evans lands another super-role as he LENDS his voice to Buzz Lightyear in new Spinoff Origin Story Film


Pixar just dropped the brand new trailer of the Toy Story spin-off ‘Lightyear‘. The story of Lightyear will be around the iconic character of one of the toys from the Toy Story franchise is none other than Buzz Lightyear the space ranger. Fans are ready to go ‘infinity and beyond’ as the trailer drops and shows the actual story of him and his adventure in space. As reported, the voice cast for Buzz is going to be Chris Evans which is more exciting with his leadership voice skills, one would say. And we all think they both belong to each other to perform for each other and we cannot wait for next year.

The movie is set to release the next year 2022, on 17th June as confirmed by the Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. It is the sci-fi action-adventure and definitive origin of the character Buzz Lightyear. In the trailer almost all the famous contents were shared as Buzz’s iconic space-suit, his famous dialogue ‘Infinity and Beyo…. wait they didn’t play that fully but I’m sure it will be there when the movie will release, and another one, we can point out about the discovery of crystallic fusion as in Toy Story Buzz asked Woody if his people are yet to discover such power. The crystal helps to power Buzz’s spaceship as it is shown in the trailer just got dropped on Wednesday. If you haven’t got the chance to watch, check it out here:

The movie is directed by Angus MacLane who’s also an animator and also spends his time forming this film and telling the story of this beloved hero. He shared his thoughts as an animator he always loved the character Buzz lightyear and therefore he made the film in curiosity to share the adventure of space rangers and the world of star command. This movie ain’t Toy Story but a spin-off as the doll is supposed to be made on the story of this beloved buzz lightyear just like the toy of Woody, the 1950’s beloved show loved by the kids inspired Woody the cowboy doll.

The voice of Buzz Lightyear for the Toy Story franchise was Patrick Warburton, who played his voice for the first four movies but ‘Lightyear’ is not a Toy Story movie and this Buzz ain’t no toy, this movie will tell the story of real buzz that inspired the toy to be made, so they chose a new voice that is Chris Evans for the role of Buzz Lightyear as reported by the director of the film. Maclane is also making his solo directorial feature debut with this film as his second Pixar project after co-directing the 2016 film ‘Finding Dory’. IN the upcoming movie ‘Lightyear’ many new characters have been introduced and also Maclane’s side work with WALL-E and side character BURN-E have been also introduced in the trailer. The movie is set to channel adventure and excitement for the audience to be more nostalgic with the film. Look forward to next year for the premiere of ‘Lightyear’.

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