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Kat Von D Is Closing Her California Tattoo Parlor As She Moves To Indiana


Kat Von D, a famous American tattoo artist, and entrepreneur. One of the famous shows that were broadcast was the TLC Tv show LA Ink which premiered back in 2007.  In a recent Instagram post, she shared some pictures captioning ‘Goodbye California’ as reported she is moving to Indiana along with her tattoo shop. the post also had pictures of people doing their tattoos by her in the famous tattoo shop in California. As reported, once her new house is remodeled her tattoo parlor will be opening in Indiana closing the Los Angeles parlor.

Kat Von D also shared how greatly she wants to move to Indiana as she has already bought land over there and that she feels more home being there rather than in Los Angeles. She also shared that she didn’t plan to visit LA often so there was no chance to keep the place open. Her shop will be closing on December 1st. So if you live nearby or know how to reach there maybe it’s our last chance to get an amazing tattoo from her once last time being in Los Angeles. Her style is great and unique which makes her so famous. She also added the last few appointments are booking up rapidly so if you want one get yourself already. She also thanked the LA tattoo shop family and gushed over the time she spent and also her family who visited her shop over the years.

High Voltage Tattoo opened in 2007 when Von D was offered her own show after starring in “Miami Ink.” She also has a makeup line with Sephora ‘KVD Vegan Beauty’ that was released in 2020 last year. She also struggled with alcohol which led her to focus her strength more on working in the tattoo shop. She shared how getting sober was not easy for her to quit, constant desire to die and love alone was a great deal of struggle for her but she did it eventually. Her makeup line is vegan which is cruelty-free as she is also vegan which is a great step for the environment. She also received the Farm Sanctuary’s “Compassion in Action Award” for her work on the behalf of animals right and support.

IN 2018, she also got married to her boyfriend Rafael Reyes., who is an artist and in November they had a son which made their whole familiar full. We are all happy for her to choose the life she is leading now and looking forward to her new tattoo station in Indiana with a load of excitement. More information is yet to get about her new place but tills then stay tuned on her Instagram handle to get an appointment in Los Angeles for getting a tattoo one last time. But if you think u can travel to Indiana then no need to worry just you gotta wait for her till she set up the workplace. The new opening date for the shop has not been disclosed yet but we all looking forward to it.

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