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Dave Chappelle Opened Up On The Controversy Over ‘The Closer’, Here’s What He Said


Dave Chappelle is an American stand-up comedian and actor. He is best known for his satirical Chappelle’s show. Recently on Netflix, his special was released on October 5th, 2021 titled ‘The Closer‘ where he holds up and makes jokes about current topics and comment back on many other things. The controversy started when he talked against the LGBTQ community, and then the people from that community and supporting started to stand for what they believe in and commented. Most of them were workers and employees from Netflix which led them to suspend by the production house and it has been also reported that one person has already been sacked from the job, due to conversing over Twitter about this matter.

Dave Chappelle has come out and spoken about this whole situation surrounding his Netflix special ‘The Closer’. He agreed to meet the Netflix employees who are decisive to the special and have been tweeting to shut it down. He also shared that he heard all the people who started the controversy and spoke about it without the right facts. The Netflix special ‘The Closer’ has transphobic measures that have angered many people along with the LGBTQ community but he seems to stand for what he said, unapologetically. He did not apologize for what he had to share on the show, he also commented’ he said what he said and that people who backlashing him wanted a safe environment but not him’. As reported, he also said that he is now the only one who can’t walk down to his office because of all this.

The 48-years-old stand-up comedian also referred to the pushback from Netflix to the employees who participated to walk out of the whole situation and supported Dave Chappelle where Netflix did not suspend the show but rather their employees. He also commented on the fact that he wants to meet the people who believe the show was wrong to say out loud all these. But he set some rules to be talked out first, the three conditions are that the person has to watch the whole show from beginning to the end, secondly, the place should be of his choice along with the time of his choice, thirdly, that person has to agree that Hannah Gadsby is not ‘funny’, she’s an Australian comedian and queer woman.

As reported, Netflix has already fired an employee connected with this blowback from the show. The show is being handled by Netflix as well as reported by Dave Chappelle. In the show, Dave Chappelle also defends the author J.K rowling from the critics who talked about how transphobic and more she is, he also jokes about trans and women genitalia. He also commented that everyone from the LGBTQ community always supported him and showed love in his works but with this show, he is not able to connect the dots in his words he doesn’t know what people are talking about. Few celebrities also talked about this but we hope that everything comes to a decision for both the party.

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