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As The Court Ruled Out, Robert De Niro Won’t Be Handing Half Of His Acting Income To Grace Hightower


Robert De Niro, the 78-year-old famous American actor’s estranged wife Grace Hightower, won’t be getting half of his acting income as ruled by the court while hearing session for their divorce. Robert filed for dissolution and fighting the battle of divorce with his wife since 2018, which is three years now. Grace, 66-year-old philanthropist, socialite, and actress reported claiming the income Robert De Niro made in Hollywood and from the business assets while they were together. The earnings, Grace Hightower argued, counted as marital assets to be split evenly, in accordance with a 2004 prenuptial agreement she signed with the double Oscar winner.

De Niro is said to settle for $1million for a year in the provision, until unless Grace Hightower marries again or either of them passes away. The court has also announced to validate the prenup agreement beforehand that took place back in 2004 as Grace Hightower is walking away from the long-term marriage already and also appealed for the greater money and De Niro’s income from his acting career and other businesses. At the beginning of this year, Judge Matthew Cooper from Manhattan Supreme Court proceed to issue a similar ruling regarding the prenup and De Niro’s income/earnings from his Hollywood career and his other business that he worked with. Since 2018, the ex-couple entangle a divorce battle which is difficult, De Niro and Grace share two children, daughter Helen Grace and son Elliot. If the settlement for the divorce battle worked out, then De Niro have to go through back taxes totaling around $6.4 million.

Caroline Krauss, lawyer of Robert De Niro has commented on the decision as it will speak for itself and they will agree to the conclusion as it comes out. Till now, under the prenup, As reported, Robert De Niro agreed to pay $1million to Grace Hightower as alimony(living expenses) until his ex-wife remarries or one of them dies. Both of them also fought over how much De Niro should have to pay Hightower until they settled their divorce and the prenup kicked in. This year, as reported that Grace Hightower is thirsting over luxurious life which is causing a draining financial issue for De Niro, commented by some attorney and also forcing “The Godfather Part II” to work an unsuitable for shooting the film. At a hearing, Cooper commented that however the whole this resolve and the case ends they will be the richer people to walk among one of the richest human beings on earth. The next hearing date is not confirmed yet. The battle is ongoing and still, things need to come to a line and along with that, they have to agree on each other.

In 1997, Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower first tied the knot but divorced in 1999. Bu tin the second time, Grace Hightower has already filed to get half of De Niro’s income as reported by her she also helped him in getting some. They filed for divorce again in 2018, where they have been battling the case for 3 years now. AS reported, Robert De Niro has made his career $300 million from 38 movies and 35 business deals since 2004. His attorney reportedly commented that his income is more than $500 million as of now. More details are yet to be confirmed and media outlets are on their way to make the whole thing in front of the world already.

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