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Alec Baldwin Accidentally Discharged Prop Gun Discharged While Shooting For ‘Rust’


Alec Baldwin, a 63-year-old American actor was shooting for his new movie titled ‘Rust’ in New Mexico where he had to film a scene with a gun. Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun but it has not been yet investigated how or why it happened in the first place. The firearm shot two of the people who were present at the moment while filming the movie, one was director-writer Joel Souza and cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot during the incident. Both of them were immediately shifted to the hospital but Halyna Hutchins was reported to be dead while going to the hospital, she was transported by helicopter but was dead already due to her severe wounds. Joel Souza was taken by ambulance and seen treatment in Christus St. Vincent’s hospital as reported for emergency treatment.

No charges were made as reported and an investigation will be going on t investigate how the whole thing processed and happened eventually. A spokesperson from the production told The Hollywood Reporter the “accident” involved the misfire of a prop gun with blanks. The sheriff from the investigation told the media that the director was in critical condition. The whole incident took place at the Bonanza Creek Ranch, a production location near Santa Fe where many Hollywood films have been shot and made. Movie sets usually have stringent rules over the use of prop weapons but surprisingly accidents are very common while filming movies as well. Here n the film, Baldwin co-produces the film and stars as Harland Rust, an outlaw whose grandson is convicted of murder, and who goes on the run with him when the boy is sentenced to hang for the crime. “Rust” is a Western film set in the 1880s that stars Baldwin, Travis Fimmel, and Jensen Ackles.

The incident happened at approximately 1:50 p.m. local time, as reported by the investigators. We hope they find the real reason behind all of this and pray for Joel Souza’s recovery soon enough. Unfortunately, Halyna Hutchins met with such a fate, and our condolences for her family and near ones. We hope Alec Baldwin also finds the cause of this because we all know if something happens by accident from your own hands it also takes a big deal on the person as well.

A similar case also happened back in 1993, with the legendary actor Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee, who was shot by another actor through a proper gun due to the negligence of the crews we could say. Eventually, it ruled out an accidental death, where he was shot by a magnum firearm. He was already dead by the time he reached the hospital as reported and never had the chance to get the surgery done. Accidents are very common as we more get into this we can see so people who are taking care of such weaponry props should be more focused on making the right thing happen. There’s a rumor for making a Bruce Lee, a documentary where you can see the life of and as well get to know his family.

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