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Tony Khan Approached By Britt Baker For A Crossover Fight With Impact Wrestling Champion


Antony Rafiq Khan, popularly known as Tony Khan President of All Elite Wrestling. AEW kicked open the forbidden door and now wrestlers and NJPW can compete on AEW television. Another feud could be coming soon if Khan and Impact Wrestling head honcho Scott D’Amore give the green light to Britt Baker and Deonna Purrazzo but that is said not to happen so easily. The forbidden door might be open but approval should come from both companies and cooperation should be the first rule to put out the show for a fight. Deonna Purrazzo shared that she is very eager to compete with Britt Baker. The match should happen for the sake of entertainment television.

As reported, Deonna Purrazzo talked with Scott D’Amore for a crossover feud with AEW.  Her opponent of choice is Britt Baker. They also asked the AEW’s resident dentist for Tony Khan’s approval. As rumored it’s in the air, but no confirmation about such details has been made yet. As reported it’s hard to pull out such a situation when they book wrestlers from other companies in the same angle. As they reported a lot of things need to fall into place before such an event happens and if Purrazzo vs Baker is about to happen things need to get approved first. Deonna Purrazzo is only interested in competing with Baker and Chelsea Green, they are the only teammates she’s ready to pick up the fight with.

The whole point of partnering with IMPACT was for AEW and IMPACT to boost each other’s ratings and it isn’t happening, but it isn’t exactly clear why it has been a one-way deal. I can’t think of any good reason why IMPACT wouldn’t want their wrestlers to appear on AEW. The only thing I could think of is AEW is blocking them, but I don’t understand why they would do that. This may just be another wrestling mystery and a partnership that may never happen again. AEW has sent numerous wrestlers to appear on IMPACT, but aside from The Good Brothers and Don Callis no one from IMPACT has appeared on AEW. There’s a very real possibility that Swann wins the AEW World Championship and appears on Dynamite and no one has any idea who the hell he is and how he got the AEW World Championship. AEW fans don’t see Swann or the championship until he loses it. AEW doesn’t have a world title anymore. If the trend of IMPACT not appearing on AEW TV continues then that is a strong possibility.

In another interview, Eric Bischoff stated AEW and WWE aren’t in a real head-to-head battle at the moment, Tony Khan has had Eric Bischoff appear in AEW a few times, so it seems that the relationship between the two is relatively amicable. However, after this change, Tony Khan seems somewhat disappointed with Eric’s comments. He apparently said not to talk about WWE as competition is the “ultimate example of the glasshouse.” Tony Khan believes that Eric Bischoff should keep his comments to himself. And that it might just lead to another feud.

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