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Billy Porter Criticizes Vogue For Featuring Harry Styles On It’s Cover Wearing A Dress


Billy Porter takes the wheel to show the media that he is the first person to show up on a gown before Harry Styles made it a thing for the Vogue Cover December 2020.  Harry Styles, a 27-year-old singer was showered with accolades and praise for his gender-neutral choice of clothing as he donned a lavender Gucci gown with a blazer. Styles has now emerged as a prominent icon and inspiration for men wearing dresses as he has attended the red carpet time and again in dresses and gowns. But Billy Porter shared his thoughts that he was the first one to do so but Vogue chose a ‘white-straight- person for the cover rather than him for making such a big statement.

Billy Porter was diagnosed with HIV in 2007. He reported that he used the character of Pray Tell from “Pose”, who is also HIV-positive, to express himself in front of the world. Billy Porter shared his struggle about being a queer artist of color in Hollywood. He had always wished for wearing his choice of clothes in special events to make a change as well in the world of views. As he explained the whole situation “That this is politics for him and he fought all his life to be here”. Furthermore, he lashed out at Harry Styles as he thinks it’s easier for him, as he concludes because of his sexuality and race. “All he has to do is be White and straight,” Porter stated. He holds up the question, about Harry Styles for the cover but not him? The cover shoot for Vogue December 2020 by Tyler Mitchell brought Harry Styles in the eyes of global influences gender-neutral. The famous former band One Direction member had been dressed in a lace-trimmed gown with ruffles from Gucci, which was designed by Alessandro Michele. But it seems the fairy-godmother of gender-neutral fashion and fashionista, Billy Porter was not impressed about such behavior mostly by Vogue ad their collaboration with the singer, Harry Styles

Billy Porter shared how he fought for the day at Oscar where he wore a dress to make a powerful statement in 2019, without being gunned down. He actually slammed Vogue rather than Harry Styles for choosing the wrong person for this job. Billy Porter also explained that the fashion industry simply accepted him because ‘they had to’. For him, the whole situation is politics to him so he has to do it and get the end of this for the betterment. If he wasn’t doing anything then he wouldn’t be in a place right now where he could wear a dress without people making him low at all times. Billy Porter is brave enough to stand for what he believes in him, we all love Harry Styles for making such a statement but somehow it does feel wrong for Billy Porter as he did the same thing his whole life, then why not give credit to him as well. We hope he gets justice for what Vogue did but not Harry Styles. Because fans will agree to the fact that Harry will always support people or celebrities like Billy Porter.

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