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Korean Actor Kim Seon-Ho Apologies For Pressuring His Ex Into Abortion Rumors


Kim Seon-ho, the 35-year-old South Korean actor released the statement and apologies for his behavior regarding the rumor to pressure his ex-girlfriend into abortion. He apologized in the statement calling out the news that he faced and feared the most. He also said he dated this person with whom the rumors are being talked about and apologized for his actions towards her and hurting the feelings due to his ‘incompetence and lack of consideration’ in the relationship. He delivers a sincere apology but he would love to do that in front face to face with that person but he also revealed now is not the time so as soon as he meets the person he would do it. He also apologized in the statement to his fans, supporters, and anyone regarding this incident that if he hurt anyone he is taking all the blame and apologizing for it.

The whole incident has come out on Sunday afternoon, an online post by someone claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of “actor K” alleged that she had been pregnant with his child and had had an abortion at his urging. Reporter-turned-YouTuber Lee Jin-ho identified “actor K” as Kim the next day, but did not provide proof. And after four days the actor, Kim Seon-ho posted the apologizing statement. His management agency, Salt Entertainment also issued a follow-up statement in light of  Kim Seon-ho’s written apology. They stated how people concerning about the actor’s private matters and apologized for hurting or disappointing with this incident.

Kim Seon-ho, agency Salt Entertainment shared the statement on Wednesday 2021, but neither in the statement, they confirmed their relationship with such person. No official names came out keeping the identity secret as we hope. In the, where the rumor ex-girlfriend shared the post of dating the ‘Actor K’ at the beginning of the 2020 year and had got pregnant by July 2020 and claimed that the actor convinced her for an abortion stating the pregnancy may hurt him financially and affect his career. It has been also revealed that he has talked to the person stating to marry her soon but no official data was released about such. But we all hope we get light on the real incident and the person who is suffering gets justice.

Kim Seon-ho’s latest drama series has finished titled “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” that got released this year and on its last few episodes for the first season. The series holds an 8.9 IMBD rating that is streaming on the online platform Netflix. The actor was supposed to hold a live conference as well for the series ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ but it has been canceled as reported due to the controversial incident that came to light recently. His official apology statement was also dedicated to his co-stars and production people he worked with, he felt ashamed and carelessness. Kim Seon-ho’s fans have started countering the adverse claims, stating that they will initiate legal action against people or organizations who defame the actor without solid facts. For more information check our site.

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