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Angelina Jolie Appears At The Eternals Premiere With Her Kids, All Wearing Dresses Made Of Reused Material


Angelina Jolie on Monday hit Marvel’s Eternals premiere red carpet wearing all vintage dresses from her past award shows like Oscars. Her kids also followed the same path showing up their fashion sense on the red carpet for the Eternals premiere. Angelina Jolie wore an olive green floor-length, strapless gown that she paired with a string of bracelets, simple earrings, and a silver lip cuff. Her matching pointed-toe heels could be seen peering out from the bottom of her gown. Her five kids also posed, Maddox, 20, rocked an all-black blazer and pants look; Zahara, 16, sparkled in a silver number; Vivienne, 13, opted for all-white in a tee-length dress and matching cardigan; Shiloh, 15, dressed in a tan, asymmetric number, and Knox, 13, in a dark green blazer, skirt, and pants.

The whole gang looked super vintage and reusing the dresses from Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe was a great idea. As we see all the celebrities wear something new in every award show or premiere occasion but some of the celebrities re-cycle their dresses/ clothes for the second time to make the look a great idea. The whole family embraced neutrals for the red carpet appearance. Angelina Jolie shared how she and her kids upcycled Jolie’s old stuff. Her fashion statement displayed her style, the strapless dress put Angelina’s toned and tattooed arms on full display.

Almost all of her children were present except her son Pax in the Eternals premiere. Angelina Jolie also shared how she was trying to sell her 50% stake in the vineyard that she shared with Pitt, held through her company, Nouvel. She is also in the middle of the battle of divorce with Brad Pitt whom she shares her 6 children. We hope they find the best supports that are meant for them right now. And we hope dealing with all of this doesn’t make the love less between each of the person of the family. Well, congratulations on the successful premiere of the Eternals.

Fans have been waiting for this movie that Marvel released its teaser at the start of the year and at last on its way to hit the theaters. Eternals is set to premiere on 5th November 2021 in every nearby US theater. Celebs like Richard Madden, Kit Harington, and Don Lee, starring as well the movie will see Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan and Lauren Ridloff appear as superheroes too. Many of the other celebrities supported the film for its premiere and showed their love for it. And fans around the globe can’t wait for any more to watch the film. The movie Eternals follows a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who are secretly living on Earth. The trailer of the film has been also released where we can see the after events of the snap of Thanos that causing a catastrophe and to get a hold of that, we hopefully will be watching new heroes helping out the earth from getting destroyed. Not much of the lot have been disclosed so to know it, go check out the movie once it gets released.

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