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Channing Tatum Shares Stories On Instagram With His Take On The Dave Chappelle Controversy


Dave Chappelle, recently on 5th October released his Netflix special, The Closer globally on the online streaming platform. But the show seemed not likely to get its smooth ride among the audience as it started getting backlash from queer activists and allies who argued that his jokes about the LGBTQ community were incendiary, disrespectful, and critical, especially for transgender women of color. His final speech on the show didn’t end well. Channing Tatum also shared his story about how Chappelle hurt people with his words on the special.

“You know a lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know DaBaby’s history, he’s a wild guy,” Chappelle said in the special. “He once shot a n****… and killed him — in Walmart. Oh, this is true, Google it. DaBaby shot and killed a n**** in Walmart in North Carolina. Nothing bad happened to his career. Do you see where I am going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a n**** but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings.” Cancel culture was also a recurring theme throughout the special. When discussing the backlash against Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who has been under scrutiny by trans activists following comments she made about gender identity that was viewed as divisive and triggering for trans women, Chappelle was no-holds-barred. Chappelle’s comments were unwelcomed by some trans activists and allies, including some at Netflix, who criticized the streaming platform for publishing content they deemed was harmful to their community. Last week, Terra Field, a queer/trans senior software engineer at Netflix, called out Chappelle on Twitter, arguing that his jokes have real-life ramifications.

Netflix also controverted about suspending employees but later shared the company denied that the employees were suspended for tweeting about the special but rather for “attending a recent leadership meeting without proper clearance,” In the wake of the controversy, Netflix’s co-CEO Ted Sarandos sent out a memo siding with the comedian in defense of creative freedom, writing, “Chappelle is one of the most popular stand-up comedians today, and we have a long-standing deal with him,” adding of internal concerns, “As with our other talent, we work hard to support their creative freedom — even though this means there will always be content on Netflix some people believe is harmful.” The employees have since been reinstated according to some sources.  The whole situation went out of hands and Channing Tatum took to Instagram to address what Chappelle did wrong.

Tatum also explained in the story he posted on his Instagram handle that his words weren’t correct and how those have hurt the people maybe not intentionally but they did. People can hurt as well heal is that as simple. Tatum also encouraged his previous works but wasn’t very happy with the current shows that have been already released on Netflix. You should stand for what you believe in but disrespecting a person is never should be the real thing, because you never know what they go through or struggle with. Dave Chappelle also shared his own story on the show.

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