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Rami Malek On Playing The Bad Guy For ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue


Rami Malek, the 40-year-old actor made his debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’ that broadcasted on 16th October 2021. Rami Malek shared on the show how he loves playing the role of a villain and it kind of makes sense to him as he already has this amazing bad-boy resting face. He played a lot of intense dramatic roles in his acting career which landed him in the Oscar award show ass well. Malek is one of the best-known actors around Hollywood right now, we could say.

Rami Malek goes on teasing and coming up with his reasons why he loves playing the bad guy. As we can see, he’s quite drawn to the villain he shares that he’s a Team Scar in Lion King, where he finds Simba ‘kinda annoying’. He’s also with Hannibal and tells Clarice not to disturb the guy. Some of his other examples for making the villain a bad thing in front of the camera as reported by Rami: Jaws is hungry. Dracula’s thirsty. Frankenstein’s horny. Darth Vader? He’s just trying to reconnect with his son And Freddy Kreuger? Encouraging kids to dream. He joked about this and seemingly loved playing the role for SNL. HE shows gratitude towards these characters and roles. Rami also talked about how he grew up and how Hollywood was one of his far-away dream that came true. HE also spoke about his brother and sister and how he is proud of them for helping others. The whole brother-sister gang has achieved greatness in life and we all congratulate them for this.

On the current episode of SNL, Pete Davidson presented a performance on the popular series around the world right now ‘Squid Game’ being the stage with the host Rami Malek. The spoof country number, a cover of Branchez & Big Wet’s “Turn Up On the Weekend,” started out with both Davidson and Malek as country folk who found themselves in financial ruin. The cast teases the film script and signs up as the characters to pay off their debts. The performance ends with Pete killing everyone alone with Rami to get the price as in the film and gets his red-wig as well. The Netflix series ‘Squid GAme’ is trending around 90 countries, so if you haven’t watched this show you should totally check it out.

There’s an audition for a fictional Jordan Peele biopic about music icon Prince also made the audience surprised as Chris Redd took on the Get Out director alongside casting directors played by Punkie Johnson and Ego Nwodim. After rounds of auditions, the two actors standing were Keenan Thompson and Rami Malek who, donning their best Prince garb, participated in a “Prince-off.” They perform the whole scene very funnily and the sketch ends with Thompson, Malek, and Craig all perform the musical snippet together. Later, Craig also appeared for another segment alongside Cecily Strong, Aristotle Athari and Malek will be making their performance as well. For 16th October musical guest, Young Thug is going to serve on the Saturday Night Live The videos will be uploaded pretty soon so look forward to it.

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