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Letitia Wright Finally Opened Up About Reports That Claim Her To Have Been Spreading Antivaxx Messages On Black Panther 2 Set


Letitia Wright, the 27-year-old actress denies anti-vaccination views on the set of Marvel’s Black Panther 2. Letitia confronted the allegation made against her about the anti-vaccine position. She posted a post on Instagram and Twitter on 6th October calling out the report about her conduct on the sets of Black Panther 2 is ‘completely untrue’ She expressed how focused she is about her work and passion and that is her only focus right now. She did not share her covid-19 status or any current status about her vaccination or regarding any tests of covid-19 yet.


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As we know even after getting the Covid-19 vaccination people are still facing the virus anyhow so we have to stay more careful than ever and wear a mask, even if you have taken the vaccine especially if you have a history of some disease. Letitia Wright also shared about the regulations that have been taken while shooting the sequel of Black Panther which production began around June 2018 after the first film and is in the talks to set free around 2022 July. No official release date has been informed yet but we can look forward to this amazing film next year. The main character is played by Chadwick Boseman who recently died battling cancer and we all love that human being even after he is gone forever and will be missed from the core of our hearts.

The second sequel of Marvel’s Black Panther is going to be special but mostly emotional. Letitia Wright about the Covid-19 vaccine status has been backlashed that made her delete her Instagram and Twitter handle due to the anti-vaccination statements on the sets. Last year, in December she was widely criticized for sharing a video that questions the precautions and safety of the Covid-19 vaccine. Keeping all that in find we don’t know much information about her vaccination status yet. Her followers and fans commented about doing some research before speaking out but Letitia Wright talked from her side being considered how her body will react or not with the vaccine. few of the celebs also teased her about such allegations and making such statements. She has already deleted her Twitter account after such an incident. Letitia can be seen in the sets of Black Panther and is also reported to get injured while shooting the film.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which has been filming in Atlanta, Georgia, is set for release in July 2022. Marvel has already released some the movies like Black Widow,  Shang-Chi, and The Legend of the Ten Rings, and the upcoming movie Eternals. From series, Loki is already streaming on the Disney+ platform and compiling soon the Hawkeye series on the same online platform. Marvel films and series, if you haven’t watched yet that have already been released you should totally check it out. And let’s wait for the other movies and series to come out soon. Two of the most anticipated films are going to release this year, one is already released Venom second sequel, and Spider-man: No Way Home is coming out this December.

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