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Ellen Pompeo Lends Her Voice For Podcast ‘Tell Me’ – Now Available On Apple Podcasts


Ellen Pompeo, the 51-year-old actress made her debut on the podcast world and the show goes by ‘Tell me with Ellen Pompeo‘. The podcasts will include guests having candid conversations about life, a particular topic, and their passion. The first podcast have been introduced on September 16th, 2021 giving out the information about laughing her podcast on September 29th, 2021. It is an Apple podcast by Ellen Pompeo don’t every other week on Wednesday. Six of the episodes for the first season have already been uploaded. The guests for the first three episodes were the former co-stars from her TV series ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ featuring Yara Shahidi, Michelle Harper, and Patrick Dempsey.

On October 6th, she uploaded another new podcast with guest Adam Grant and on October 13th with Cindy Crawford. So if you are a podcast fan, you should totally check this out and if you have never tried listening to a podcast, this could be a start. From different professions, guests are going appear for the podcast where you can listen to them talk about their life activities and views about making the world more beautiful and approachable.

Ellen Pompeo shared her thoughts about doing the podcast in an interview, that she was approached to do podcasts before but never considered doing it. But dealing with Covid-29 and the pandemic everybody has changed something in their life and so has Ellen, she has actually thought of doing these podcasts while quarantining and here we are with the first 6 episodes. She also shared that in the pandemic situation she started with series of Zooms with her, who is a nurse out of Philly about healthcare workers called Healing Healthcare. So basically, this inspired Ellen to use her platform to give out information about many other things with positivity and the audience responds to this kind of thing as reported by Ellen. We hope people enjoy her podcasts as much as we are doing and waiting for new episodes.

Ellen Pompeo in a recent interview talked about how she has no desire to continue her acting career after Grey’s Anatomy’s final season which isn’t that far as reported. She would want the show to end on a perfect ending note. The show is currently running its 18th season that premiered on 30th September 2021. The current episode, the third just got released on 14th October and the next one is scheduled for 21st October, so basically every Thursday, Grey’s Anatomy fans tune in to ABC to watch the show. Well, it is a bit saddening, that the show is about to end but there is no official information has been disclosed about it but we can expect that. Sorry for that fans! but let’s all support Ellen Pompeo for her new beginning with the podcasts on Apple Podcats. Look forward to new episodes for both of the show. With that note stay safe, get vaccinated but still wear a mask. Don’t forget to check our site for more such celebrity news.

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