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BlackPink’s Lisa Shared Practice Video Of Her Latest Song ‘Money’


Lalisa Manobal popularly known as Lisa, one of the members of the worldwide famous K-pop group Blackpink has recently released her debut single album on September 10th, 2021. The title of the album is her name ‘Lalisa’ produced by her label YG and Interscope. The album sold over 736,000 copies over the first week in South Korea and the top 10 hits on the Billboard chart in America. Her music video for the single ‘Lalisa’ has 261,453,174 views and couting and recently she released another single ‘Money’ which instantly hit among the listeners and fans of Lisa. She uploaded a performance video of the song Money which has 111M views.

Her recent dance practice performance video of the single ‘Money’ from the ‘Lalisa’ album that was uploaded by the Blackpink YouTube channel has gone over 5,882,482 views already as it was released on 10th October 2021. Her dance practice video looked super cool and awesome. She gave the full performance of the most anticipated song by the fans ‘Money’. Lisa is one of the best dancers in the South Korean K-pop industry and her moves are always up to the point. She is also very strict when it comes to dance and perfection because she is one of the perfectionist as a dancer.

If you haven’t yet already listened to her new debut singles, check out now on the official YouTube channel of Blackpink. Blackpink is one-fourth of the globally successful South Korean girl group Blackpink which has a massive fanbase around the globe. All over the world, people love these four members of the group: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rose. Their charisma and stage presence is stunning and that’s why they always stand out among the other artists. But no competition, we should all support each other and we should support all types of artists without throwing any shade at one another. The dance practice video consists of a complex choreography that making history. Lisa is totally dominating the music chart worldwide right now. The cut marks her first No. 1, first top 10, and first appearance overall on the 15-space tally, and she makes history by dominating.

The performance video was quite different from the practice video as you can see all the changes there and Lisa wears a Khaki-colored ensemble and a green Celine chest harness. She is surrounded by male and female backup dancers skillfully executing the complex dance moves in the middle of the road. At the back of the group, a neon sign flashes the words, “Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” The video then shifts to its second setting, a warehouse. In it, Lisa can be seen wearing a pair of red shorts, a bralette, a long-sleeved crop top and a pair of white fur boots. The swap between the road setting and the warehouse is efficiently managed with an LED screen in the background. The whole video looked super cool while the dance video was focused on her dance moves but still looked as cool as the performance video. Here’s the dance performance video of Money by Lisa, if you haven’t watched it already:

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