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Meghan Thee Stallion Meets BTS For The First Time On A Rooftop In New York City


Megan Thee Stallion and BTS already collaborated on the song ‘Butter’ for a new version. The song went up and up on the charts and hit the world with its awesomeness. All the fans of both of the artists have gone crazy for sure as they collab for the first time. Meghan already posted the picture in September, where BTs and her hanging out on a rooftop in New York City with Meghan’s French bulldog. On 8th October, the BTS Youtube channel released a video of the same outing giving some of the scenes from their meet-up. Meghan Thee Stallion and BTS exchanged gifts and danced to their new remix collab ‘Butter’. In the video, Meghan shared how she wanted to learn the dance so the BTS Members took the floor to teach few small movements to Meghan Thee Stallion.

You can check out the video on the BTS youtube channel ‘BangtanTV’. The hottie rapper went through court to release her version of the music video ‘Butter’ with the BTS members. Meghan’s record label 1501 Complete Entertainment, attempted to stop the song from releasing but She fought and took the case to the court and faced the CEO of her record label Carl Crawford, who disclosed that they were withholding her from releasing new songs. It is reported that this wasn’t the first time Meghan not being able to release a song. However, she did file the petition against her label and hours later she was granted a temporary restraining order, allowing her to release the track. She also shared if the song did not release then it would have damaged her career, her personal life, and her relation with the fans and also the fans of BTS. But it has been released a week now, and now you can stream the new remix version. And if you haven’t already, don’t wait to go check it out.

As rumored, the meet-up could be for another collaboration between the Artists. Fans have been theorizing and going crazy on Twitter about it. But no official details have been released about such news yet but we hope they collab again and this time they actually release a music video as well together. All the fans around the globe of them waiting for it for sure. They were very excited for butter and it went crazy among the fans and celebrities with reels and TikTok. Seemingly if new music happening, fans would expect more for them. so all we can do is now hope.

BTS also recently collaborated with the band Coldplay for the song ‘My Universe’ which took the world in some different world only. The song is awesome if you haven’t checked it already, you should go now as they have also released the music video of the new song where they were dancing and singing with different planet species. BTS also released announced an online concert ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ for 24th October at 6:30om KST but details about online tickets are yet to come out this week only. So look forward to it.

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