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Jesy Nelson Release Her Debut Single “Boyz” Feat. Nicki Minaj After Leaing Little Mix


Jesy Nelson, the former member of Little Mix released her debut solo single ‘ Boyz’ with Nicki Minaj. Jesy Nelson left the Pop-group ‘Little Mix’ back in 2020 December due to her mental health issues being with the band. She publicly shared her thoughts of not being in the group and all the fans supported her as well other three of the members of Little Mix. This year May, Jesy signed a record deal with a new label Polydor Records. She teased about making a new song back in February on her Instagram stories that the fans took Twitter with excitement for her making a  solo debut. But back then she didn’t disclose anything in the proper way until now.

Jesy Nelson shared the first news on her Instagram on Friday, 1st October to reveal her debut solo track to the fans and all the audience who is going to listen to her for the first time. It was a surprising reunion we could say as Nicki Minaj has also collaborated with the group ‘Little Mix’ before on the song ‘Woman like me’ back in 2018. The fans went crazy as Jesy revealed her first song ‘Boyz’ with Nicki Minaj’ and it has been already released, 8th October 2021. So what are you waiting for? Check out her new solo single. The song samples Diddy’s 2001 anthem ‘Bad Boy 4 Life’ and also mogul made a special cameo as well in the music video. Nicki Minaj’s rap verse was full-on shouts out to several Bad Boy artists. The whole music video is amazing so if you haven’t watched it. Check it out here:

She teased all along about making new songs with her fans on Instagram with the behind-the-scenes and snippets of ‘Boyz’ music video and then everybody comes to know where she is actually heading with this and here we are going crazy about her new song. We congratulate her to get out of her problems and giving the fans a new song. After leaving the Group Jesy shared how she wanted to make her life private and how she didn’t feel alright anymore being in the group. She even disappeared after leaving the group from social media and from the day-to-day life of a celebrity. Recently in August, She also wiped out all the pictures and videos from her Instagram handle. And anticipated the fans with her new single ‘Boyz’. On August 12, she posted a video on her Instagram saying how she wanted to make this kind of video, and it’s a new thing for her but she is here doing exactly what she wanted to and also it’s her new chapter so let’s all support the comeback of Jesy Nelson.

As reported, in an interview Jesy Nelson also talked about how she didn’t speak with other pop-group members since leaving the group. She couldn’t even meet the babies of Perrie Edward and Leigh-Anne Pinnock though she did send few texts that are it. She shared that’s how it is going to be distant for her now. But she loves them as they were always close to her more than anything.

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