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Ray J Files Divorce Petition For The Third Time From Princess Love Amid Hospitalization


William Ray Norwood Jr aka Ray J is the singer, actor, and television personality who files Divorce from his wife, Princess Love on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. As rumored, the couple hinted at the separation a while back. But this time Ray J was quite serious about ending their relationship. This is the third time the couple has filed for divorce. As reported, Ray J has legally submitted all the papers to file a divorce. Ray J and Princess Love got married back in 2016 and they have two children, 3-year-old daughter Melody Love and 1-year-old son Epik Ray.

Princess Love filed a divorce for the first time back in 2020 May, as reported the couple got into a fight in Las Vegas but then they rekindled their relationship and wanted to save their marriage. But in the same year in September Ray J filed for the second time for a divorce, asking the judge to uphold their prenuptial agreement and he also asked the judge to grant him joint custody of their children. And after the second one, the couple again reconciled and moved to Miami amid the covid-19 quarantine. Princess Love did share about her situation about how they are doing good with each other taking a moment at a time and their kids love down there so there’s less chance of going back to Los Angeles.

But then, Ray J again filed for the third time and this time, the 40-year-old singer/actor is also admitted to the hospital due to Pneumonia for over a week now in Miami, Florida. As reported Ray J is undergoing a bacterial lung infection treatment. He also shared his hospital situation as his family friends cannot visit him and also he has been isolated from the sickness to get the right treatment. He went through five covid-19 tests and all of them came negative so they moved him away from the covid wing. But still, he got some issues with breathing and health so the doctors are giving him oxygen to keep him stable. Ray J’s manager reported that he is going to come out of the hospital by the end of this week. So we all hope he gets well soon enough.

The couple took the separation decision and he filed the divorce amind to his hospitalization only. The couple started dating back in 2013 and eventually tied the knot in 2016. They met on the set of the film ‘Love & Hip Hop’. The couple welcomed their first child back in 2018 and their second child in 2020. But in the same year, the couple also filed for divorce two times but then both times they requested to dismiss so that they can save their marriage. But then again they filed for the third time on Wednesday and this time this might get serious and as they have already shared they have split. Ray J cleared out his full Instagram account. Princess Love did not give out any statement yet. For more information check our site.

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