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Chris Brown And Drake Caught Into Copyright Violation Over ‘No Guidance’ Music Video


Chris Brown and Drake have been allegedly sued for copyright infringement over the song ‘No Guidance’ where both of the singers/rappers collaborated back in 2019. It has been filed on Tuesday in the U.S. District Court in Florida’s Southern District. The complaint goes against both the celebrity and other collaborators on the album. The song was from Chris Brown’s album ‘Indigo’ and in ‘No Guidance’ featured Drake as well. It has been reported that there’s an original song and it lifted various lyrical and melodic elements from that song titled “I Love Your Dress,”. The song was produced in 2016 by co-plaintiff Timothy Valentine and performed by plaintiff Braindon Cooper, who goes by Mr. Cooper.

No guidance’ song was collaborated by the two artists as both of them had a rough relation with each other and it was kind of a surprise for the fans when they released the song back in 2019. Chris Brown and Drake hold a good position with the artist Rihana and eventually, both of the guys became enemies because of their personal issues about the relationships. But Drake back then disclosed about the matter how he respects Rihana and how she is a family to him. She is no longer part of his life either Chris Brown but both of them have some kind of an equal relationship with her. He also shared that before collaborating, he did had a hesitation to go on with recording because he did not want to disrespect anyone. Rihana also shared that she has a good friendship with both of the artists now.

All of this leads Cooper and Valentine, to go ahead and claim their believes that Drake and Chris Brown ‘deliberately copied their song’. The song came out back in 2016. Here they also discussed how some of the lyrics matched their song like a specific part of the song that is being focused on Mr. Cooper’s song ‘ I Love Your Dress’, the artist repeats “She got it; she got it” 16 times, whereas Chriss Brown and Drake’s version ‘No Guidance’, says “You got it, girl; you got it” 11 times. Another one that was pointed out by Mr. Cooper is that Chris and Drake threw jabs in the lyrics by using the term “flew the coop” in one of the verses. Mr. Cooper and Timothy Valentine claiming the song providing documents that both of the celebrities stole the rhythm, beat, lyrics, and hook of their original 2016 song ‘i love your dress’. Mr. Cooper and Timothy Valentine already filed and sued the artist and all the collaborators on the album already, hoping justice would be provided if this is what they believe in and providing enough proof to be the truth. Here’s the original song ‘I love your dress’ that was released back in 2016 by Mr. Cooper and Timonthy Valentine and the collaboration of Chris Brown’s and Drakes’s song ‘No Guidance’ from the album ‘Indigo’. The audience should totally check this out and let me know what you thinking! For more such news check our site.

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