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Derek Hough Missed Out Monday’s Dancing With The Stars Show Because Of Possible Covid-19 Exposure


Derek Hough, the 36-year-old American famous Dancer has been reported to get exposed to Covid-19 last week. It is rumored that Derek got possible exposure from the contestant from last week’s show’s dancing partners Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke as they have been tested positive for Covid-19. Whereas the individual dancers were already fully vaccinated still their test came positive. However, Derek Hough was also fully vaccinated and he’s been tested negative so far. But still keeping the safety measure in mind for other people he’s gonna sit out for Monday’s Episode.

Cheryl Burke announced in an Instagram video from her account that she has been tested positive last Sunday for Covid-19 and she hopes that she “didn’t spread it”. Well, it’s not in their hands if it still happens after regular checkups and fully vaccinated. Cody Rigsby also shared a post about his exposure to Covid-19, that after all the precautions he has been tested positive for Covid-19. As reported, regulations have to be followed for the covid-19 situation, both the dancers Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke were canceled for last week. So they can take rest and cure themselves first and then continue their journey in the show.

However, Derek Hough’s results have not been revealed by his representatives yet. So we don’t have any official details about his news yet but yes he is going to sit out of Monday’s show for ‘Dancing with the Stars’. Monday’s episode was supposed to be a tribute episode for the famous pop star Britney Spears. Derek’s duties as one of the third judges would impact the show of course. But along with that, he had other schedules lined up for him as well. His Las Vegas show, Derek Hough: No Limit that he kick-started on September 22nd, 2021, performing five nights a week that is Wednesdays through Sundays but seems like Covid-19 has other plans for him if he’s already positive for it. And if he is not, we hope he took precautions as soon as the exposure might have happened, or else it is real you have to follow the protocol and cure yourself with help of the doctors. His recent show, at The Venetian Las Vegas, is scheduled through November 21 whereas it is reported that Derek’s Sunday show has been already canceled as per the Ticketmaster. And there have been no official details been disclosed about him returning for any of his either shows yet.

As there is no information about Derek Hough returning as the judge of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ soon enough whereas it has been reported that Cody Rigsby and Cheryl Burke are going to compete next week returning to their spot. The world is in some kind of a situation, and we have to be very patient and careful to deal with it so let’s hope for the best and take precautions immediately if you think something is wrong. And when you don’t know about what to do, don’t panic just talk to someone you know could help you or reach out to the doctors campaigning regarding covid-19.

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