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Lamar Odom Remains Victor In Celebrity Boxing Match 2021 Against Ojani Noa – Read For Detials


The Celebrity Boxing, one of the entertaining shows for the audience and the celebrities. It started back in 2002 with the money and promotion of all kinds of celebrity personalities coming face to face for 3 round match. The recent match happened at James L Knight Center in Miami, Florida where the match was scheduled between Lamar Odom vs Ojani Noa. The show has broadcasted on 2nd October, which live-streamed around 7 pm (8 pm ET) in FITE.TV and also gonna replay at 5:30 am in the same site (FITE.TV) on 3rd October.

Lamar Odom, who is a two times NBA Champion in 2009 and 2010 has also fought with the 90’s popstar Aaron Carter back in June 2021 at Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. The show was live-streamed as well. As Lamar Odom goes around 6’10ft in height which is a quite advantage to take a short guy. And of course, the fight has been won by Lamar Odom in the second round only, it was pretty entertaining for the pay-per-view audiences. Aaron Carter literally stopped the game in the second round as he couldn’t take any more. A recent fight happened between Lamar Odom and Ojani Noa, he is in the career of music and a producer and was the ex-husband of Jennifer Lopez. His height goes up to 6’1ft where Odom’s reach is 82 and Ojani’s reach is 74 which is quite a view and the match has been won by Lamar Odom. Congratulations to him. The fight was a full-on jab by Lamar Odom to his opponent. The questions have been asked by the media outlets that did Lamar Odom had a fair fight to win over Ojani Noa? Though he does have a height advantage that possibly could be one of the best ways to win a match.

Still, celebrity boxing is one of the entertaining shows for the audience who are big fans of boxing and WWE. There are celebrities that think boxing is one of the best workouts to have in life to stay fit even after the 50s. There are other matches that are also held and going to be, some of the celebrities that are going to face each other are Paulie Malignaggi vs. Corey B; Javante Carter vs. Wideneck; Paul Apostolides vs. Michael Gonzalez; Natalie DiDonato vs. Maria Escobar. You check the official site for watching the live streams and replays of the celebrity matches here. One of the best kinds of entertainment but they do keep safety first here because after all, it’s all about celebrities going for a fight against celebrities.

It has been reported that Lamar Odom was supposed to take on with Bowe but as the legend Evander Holyfield to former MMA fighter Vitor Belfort last month took place and the fight seemed more real than what celebrity fights suppose to present, Bowe was removed last week and the replacement was Ojani Noa because you can’t just cancel a game after selling out the cards. So the show must go on. You can check some of the highlights from Lamar Odom and Ojani Noa celebrity boxing which has been already streamed.

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