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DC’s Stargirl: Summer School To Bring Back Green Lanter’s Daughter Jade; Teased In New Pictures


The CW series “Stargirl: Summer School” the second season has already premiered on 10th August 2021 and the show will have 13 episodes. The first season of DC’s Stargirl also had 13 episodes that were released back on 18th May 2020. The upcoming chapter we are about to discuss is chapter ten of the second season where the rumors have come out true as the trailer for the second season of DC’s Stargirl gave the fans a sneak peek of Jenni-Lynn Hayden AKA Jade, the daughter of Green Lantern. We are supposed to get the introduction on the tenth episode of the second season of Stargirl.

As we know, in the first season, Stargirl aka Courtney stole the battery power of Green Lantern, fans are going crazy about the payoff by an actual Green Lantern’s arrival, and leading to that in the second season we already got a sneak peek in the trailer for Green Lantern’s Daughter, Jade where the continuation of that can be seen. The character is played by Ysa Penarejo. The creator of the show in an interview revealed that it was always in the back of his head to introduce Jade in the series and that’s why the power battery has been lying on Stargirl’s house for this long. The plot is revealed as Stargirl thought, she is the real biological daughter of Starman as the Cosmic Staff chose her but when she meets the real legacy of such a superhero the whole storyline is about to get a serious twist.

Green Lantern’s daughter, Jade is not new to the DC universe as she has been already introduced in the 1983s ‘All-Star Squadron’. She is the daughter of Alan Scott, and Thorn and also has a brother named Todd Rice, together the siblings form the superhero team of Infinity Inc. Not much of the plot details have been revealed by the creator but we know the show is taking a turn to show the character of Jade and her superpowers. She is one of the best characters in DC Comics and fans are eagerly waiting to get amazed by the role. As all the originals are moving to the HBO max and the show can be watched in the Dc Universe and available to watch on CW’s website for free. So if you haven’t watched it already, you should totally give it a try. I mean if you are a DC fan, you would and if you aren’t, you can always try something new.

CW network also released photos of chapter 10 of Summer School of Stargirl and it will air on Tuesday, October 12th. The plot seems to go behind Jennie finding her long-lost brother Todd after gaining the powers of Green Lantern. This also means and Courtney also thinks, Jade can go against and fight the villain Eclipso. But to let that happen, they have to find Jade first of all, and as reported they go on a trip in search of Green lantern’s Daughter eventually. Well, the whole thing cannot be said out so check out the new episodes of Stargirl: Summer School.

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