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Ashanti To Re-Record Her Debut Album After Its 20th Anniversary Upon Gaining Ownership


Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas, the American songwriter, singer, and actress has dropped a bomb. In a recent interview with Tamron Hall show,  Ashanti revealed the news to re-record her debut album titled ‘Ashanti’ back in 2002 under Murder Inc. As she has secured her masters with the help of her legal team she can now re-record the album all by herself. She thanked her legal team and gave a shout-out to them to make it happen for real. She wanted to do this as that album has been released 19 years ago and getting permission to re-record and give it another view is important for her. She shared how happy and how blissful it is to her even in such a situation whole worldwide.

Ashanti also talked about her first album via Murder Inc. and Island Def Jam. Debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with 503,000 units in its first week. She used to write the songs in her basement so she could feel that she was in her own apartment. She used to keep the TV channel ‘Cartoon Network’ on mute and would write the song sitting beside it. The album also won the 2003 Grammy for best R&B album and the singles from the album “Foolish,”  “Baby” and Happy,” went on the peak of hit every now and then a week for the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Ashanti did not reveal the official dates for releasing her upcoming album but it is in the process and fans are expecting a lot from her. She is one of the best songwriters and now that she can record the album independently, we can hope to see her magic more widely. In the meantime, till we get an official announcement date for the album release you can always go to her Youtube channel and listen to “Foolish,” “Baby” and Happy,”. These three-song have something special I would say. She also made her appearance in the 2021 MTV VMAs. Ashanti is also set to produce and star in the romantic-comedy ‘The Plus One’. The filming is supposed to start this year in December and produced by  Danny Chan, Danny Roth, David Yates, and Demetrius Spencer. Executive producers are Almost Never Films, Tina Douglas and Stephan Dweck. And The writers are Austin H Garces and Brendan Bradley. She is going to make her debut in the Hollywood Walk of fame in 2022 after making a success in the music industry by selling 27 million records worldwide. So let’s look forward to her new blessings and new works for the fans after a long time.

No details have been commented on the upcoming recording but we hope to get it soon enough. Probably by 2022 we can expect to come out, so cross-fingers. YOu can check out the interview here, where she talked about the whole process and appreciated how blissful it is to re-record her old and one of the best albums that got her triple-platinum. So we all are looking forward to the new re-recording and look forward to our site for more celebrity news.

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